Post-game Reactions

This is a quick Part I of our Lakers-C’s preview. Part II, in which we hear from a writer who covers the Lakers, will come early tomorrow morning. 

For now, I’ll direct you two places: 

• Kurt Helin at the top-notch Lakers blog Forum Blue & Gold asked me some questions about the current state of the Celtics. I answered them, and you can read our Q-and-A here. Topics include: What’s wrong with Ray Allen? How much of a burden is Rajon Rondo carrying? How is KG’s knee? 

• Andrew and Brian Kamenetzky, the proprietors of the nice new Lakers blog on ESPN’s Los Angeles site, invited Kurt and I to do a sort of round-table e-mail exchange about the Celtics and Lakers. That is available here. We discuss everything from how Sheed is fitting in to why fans care so much about these regular-season games. We also offer our predictions for Sunday. 

That’ll do for now. Look for Part II of this preview either very late tonight or early tomorrow.

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  • Cptn Bubbles

    Zach, your answers were forthcoming & accurate, but what we need is more propaganda & disinformation. Did you at least bang your shoe on the table? You should have hinted at the Cs holding back (all year) their top top XXX secret weapon especially for LA, the Sheldenator.

  • Idaho

    Wow, Zach is popular with the Laker faithful now. I am not sure how I feel about this.

  • Idaho

    I’m surprised you didn’t disclose you were a closet Kurt Rambis fan.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Zach, I hope your time spent with the dark side, the others, was not too painful. Have you taken a gander at Mike Millers (Wiz) stats lately? I know I know he has not played a lot, & he is a sg, but still look at those numbers. He was 7-10 from 3 tonight. He is 6’8. He is pricey, but wow. There’s all this conjecture about the Wiz having a fire sale….They’ve got some nice players even with Gilbert gone.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    ….I guess Andre Miller really is off the trading block. He just had 52 points vs the Mavs.

    Will any Celtic score 50 just once this year? Is that a fantasy ? I think they max out in the 30s because there is no system to keep getting the ball to the hot hand. Since 1 of the big 3 always seems to struggle in games (it varies which one), it would be nice if the other 2 (or 1) who are shooting well that particular game would just keep shooting & put up some big numbers like the old days.

  • Dre Miller is definitely off the block. It’s rare that a GM says something like that as definitively as Pritchard did the otehr day.

    As for Mike Miller, he’s got a $9.8M expiring deal, so Washington would be looking for something much more than cap relief. The C’s don’t really have that.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    like the Q&A format but agree with @CptBubbles and @Idaho that more disinformation is needed. gotta slip something in….rondo’s jumper is really improving lately…..or ray only misses uncontested shots….or pierce doesn’t like contact anymore….or the key to beating the celts is not crash the O boards, its about sagging back to set up the halfcourt D……..or sheed isn’t fat, he’s just switched to tai chi to improve his coordination and quickness….or….

  • i would also like to learn Tai-Chi but there seems to be no practitioner in our area.’;

  • my friend is a tai-chi master and he encourages me to enroll in his class:*.