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As CelticsBlog points out, anonymously sourced rumors have emerged claiming various players have made the All-Star teams. Among the rumored players are two Grizzlies (guess which ones?) and our very own Rajon Rondo.

As an aside, this sort of news reporting always makes me laugh, even though every media outlet (including the one I work for in my real job) is guilty of it: “Look, we’ve got anonymous sources saying stuff that will all be publicly announced—and thus accurately announced—in a few hours!” Really? We all just can’t wait for the teams to actually be announced before we start discussing them?

In any case, Rajon’s inclusion on the All-Star roster should be such an obvious no-brainer that it’s barely worth discussing. He has the 2nd-highest PER among all Eastern Conference guards (trailing only Dwyane Wade), and he has, by almost any measure, been the Celtics best player this season. I was going to write a “who’s the first half MVP?” post a few days ago, but I passed, since there is no debate. He has the highest PER on the team (edging out KG), he’s missed only one game and he has passed KG in David Berri’s wins produced stat. (As an aside, Berri published wins produced numbers for every player in the league this week. You should check them out).

I generally don’t get too riled up about All-Star snubs on the edges of the roster, because you can’t really get worked up about a system that allows Allen Iverson to start for the Eastern Conference this season. Throw one undeserving player into the starting line-up, and you’ve got 11 spots for a bunch of great players. Snubs happen. Along those lines, I won’t post something furious if Paul Pierce doesn’t make the team, and Denver and ¬†Utah fans shouldn’t be shocked if Chauncey Billups and Carlos Boozer/Deron Williams get left off.

But Rondo? He’s in. And if he’s not, my neighbors can expect some shouting.

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  • Tebucky

    If you were A.I. wouldn’t you be embarrassed? If nothing else he has to feel guilty. I’d sit it out and let someone more deserving make the team.

  • KOD

    Rondo is very deserving of an All-Star selection this year, no doubt. He has stepped it up in the face of all the injuries this team has had to endure. But my one critique is that I’d like to see him recommit on the defensive end starting immediately. His reach first D to get steals is not the way to play great defense. The 2 or 3 times it works in a game is fine, but the rest of the game he’s letting his man get into the lane way too often, which leads to a whole host of problems for the Celts (like easy scoring opps for the opponent, our Bigs getting in foul trouble, and the Bigs moving away from the rim and being unable to secure the defensive rebound – to name just a few). Having KG back certainly amps up the defensive intensity for everyone, but if Rondo gets back to playing the great defense he’s fully capable of on a nightly basis, it will have a huge impact on the team’s success and go a long way toward making him the complete player we all know he can be.

  • Ryan S.

    It’s been a pleasure watching rajon evolve from someone competing with sebastian telfair into what he is today. Before there was a huuuge question mark for what would life would be like after the big 3. Now we have one of the leagues top 5 pgs to build with. While he’s gotten some attention, i believe he deserves even more. its scary to consider where this team would be withtout RR

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