Post-game Reactions

The Magic are 25th in offensive rebounding. Tonight, the Magic grabbed 17 offensive rebounds.

There are a million story lines to explore about this game—as brutal a regular-season loss as you can have. And Brendan will explore them all in his post-game bullets, coming soon. 

But one key takeaway: The Celtics cannot win the title rebounding like this. 

That is all.

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  • nowayout

    I’m afraid, Cs are not the dominant defensive team they once were.

    We can’t get a stop when we need it most, instead we give up uncontested layups. Even if we get the stop, we can’t seem to get the defensive board.

    PP and KG look like they’re trying to get back into game shape (I don’t want to say they look old)

    The team looks fragile and can’t protect big leads at all as a veteran team should have

  • KY Celts fan

    I don’t care about a backup pg anymore. I don’t want a wing. I want a rebounder. Not Sheldon Williams, an actual baller.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    #1 KG looked hurt tonight. One good thing is he had good & bad games earlier in the season & was playing well till the hyper-extension.

    #2 Perk has got to stop slapping. Just his body & bumping people is a formidable barrier, but he has got to learn that his hands are not quick like Rondos. Perk needs to really chew on this & realize how stupid it is to be sitting on the bench young & healthy forcing KG older & vulnerable to play extra minutes.

    #3 The C’s

  • Cptn Bubbles

    #3 The Cs took FOUR shots in the paint in the 2nd half. They made ***ONE*** shot in the paint the entire 2nd half (this is similar to the Pistons game where they made just FOUR shots in the paint the entire second half of that game allowing the Pistons to come back & win). Perk is a huge part of their post game, but come on, that is ridiculous. Consequently, the Cs got to the line 18 times while Orlando took 40 free throws. The Cs will never jump shoot their way to victory. Instead of trying closer shots or getting to the rim & drawing a foul, the Cs settle (take the bait) of an open outside jumper.

    #4 This team looks great defensively at times, but then they look really tired on defense like a boxer who throws all his punches early & then is worn out. I think the intensity of their defense wears them out & then they start reaching, stop fighting through or attacking screens/picks, stop rotating, get flat footed. Is it conditioning? age? lack of more bench minutes? If you are gonna play with the highest intensity on defense then you are going to get tired faster, right? So you gotta sub more. Some players off the bench come in with energy & play pretty hard D, but Doc is too scared to play some of them extended minutes or sub them MULTIPLE times in a game. Doc would much rather have a old, tired starter not moving his feet & reaching vs a young TA who is much quicker & can move his feet & recover faster on D.

    #5 Paul was 3-12. At some point, being a good TEAM player, you have got to say, ‘hey, I’m 2-7, I’m cold tonight. Let me get the ball to Ray or someone else who is shooting the ball well tonight. If I have to take a shot let me get CLOSER TO THE TARGET where percentages for making shots go way up.’

    If KG gets healthy then I know he will rebound better & if Perk will stop making stupid fouls so he can stay out on the floor then there are more rebounds there as well. If the guards are getting beat too much (forcing the bigs out of rebounding position) then you’ve got to put someone fresh in who might have the energy to stay in front of their man.

  • cmoney

    I agree wholeheartedly. PLAY SHELDEN.

    but, I will point one problem in the 25th in O-rebounding analysis. It’s not quite accurate. O-rebounding opportunities (used to calculate OReb%) include missed FTs. Orlando’s best offensive rebounder happens to take a lot of FTs, and miss a lot. This skews their #s somewhat.

    However, yeah, we’re awful on the glass.

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  • What happened to Shelden Williams ? This team is not talented enough to win it all, and they’re not going to win it all.

    Dump Scalabrine, House, both Allens, Walker, rest Kevin and paul, and get Monta Ellis.