Post-game Reactions

Yikes. That’s the team’s goal, according to Paul Pierce (via ESPNBoston’s Chris Forsberg):

“We set a goal of winning every game before the All-Star break,” said Pierce. “It’ll be nice to get everybody back into it. We’ve played pretty much the whole season without a healthy [roster]. We’ll get everybody back and get rolling. It’s a long NBA season.”

For the record, the C’s have eight games before the All-Star break, including six against winning teams and the next three against Orlando (on the road), Atlanta (road) and the Lakers (at home). 

So, yeah…the chances of living up to Pierce’s goal are slim. But I like the attitude. 

Doc’s perspective on the next three games is the healthier one:

“You want to win them and they’re special games because they’re against good teams, which makes it a lot of fun,” said Rivers. “Having said that, you can’t use it as a measuring stick, at least I can’t, because you don’t know what those other teams are going through. The Lakers might be on a long road trip, or Orlando could be playing well — or not playing well — and same with Atlanta.

“In the playoffs, you’re getting the best of that opponent,” Rivers said, adding that this stretch is a measuring stick “for this moment, maybe this month, but it won’t matter when you get to the playoffs.”

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  • Jason

    I hope this is something the whole team is really in on and not just lip service. This is the mentality I was predicting before their last game (against the Clips). I would love to see the Celtics circa November again and right now would be a perfect time for them to return.

  • KY Celts fan


  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    love it. chalkboard materials for the magic, hawks, lakers. up the ante. and just go win the f-ing games.

  • Billy Bob Thorton

    Baaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhh.

    This team is a joke and will be lucky to win one of the next three games, and might lose all three.

  • i agree theres alot of lip service from this team and excuses. paul is the main one who does nothing but make excuses. alot of mouth that when your a average team cant be tolerated. when you win thats ok but the way your playing now shut up start playing ball. no one wants to hear or see all you loud mouths getting your asses kicked pounding your chest when you cant beat a good team. cant rebound shot free throws or make a shot. guess that one ring is enough feel like you have the right to be mouthy now. ya go back a few years and talk about the ring you won, great. three hall of famers with a ring that some scrubb has best of luck guys. NO MORE FREAKING EXCUSES GET THE JOB DONE .

  • man doc just aint getting it done either, this guy has gone soft and i see no improvements from game to game. damn make these guys do something for not rebo8unding or making free throws, you think your gonna beatthe bestteams playing this way. wtf ray ray cant even make a shot now. hell i was born with one arm and i never shot as bad as this guy, a slump for weeks are you kidding me. paul has too many lousy games to be considered a true super star. and garnett does nothing but run his freaking mouth the entire game.why dont you get some rebounds while your running your freaking mouth. rhondo out rebounds you all. what do you guys do in practice, bet it aint nothing but a mouth session. oh cant leave rasheed out, your killing us man, all of a sudden you cant shot halarious

  • Ryan S.

    can’t wait to see rondo run fish all over the court at home. LA, much like another team we know, has struggled defending quick pgs and they dont come much quicker than our own. need a big performance from the the first time all star, especially if we head back home after 2 losses.

  • rav

    well, we fell at the first hurdle here

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