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Ray Allen for Monta Ellis and change

Ugh. It’s going to be a long, long three weeks until the trade deadline passes. 

Monta Ellis makes $11 million per season through 2014. To make this deal happen, the Celtics would also need to accept either Corey Maggette ($10 million/year through 2013), Andris Biedrins ($9 million/year through 2014), Vlad Radmanovic ($7M next season) or a player on an expiring deal who is likely going to miss the rest of this season (Raja Bell or Speedy Claxton).

Contemplate all of that and tell me if you think Danny Ainge really wants to do this.

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  • Eddie

    Not a chance. We lose a clutch shooter, great shooter, good defender, smart defender, and a good playmaker.

    Next option

  • Jason

    Probably in the minority, but I love Maggette. Scared to death of him going to the line EVERY SINGLE PLAY when the C’s face him. Put in this system, whoo, he might even become a great defender, too. We know Ellis and I’ll take the havoc he creates over Ray’s one dimensional, on-off shooting game (and I say that as a huge Ray fan). Rondo/Ellis would be small, but who could stop that? Seriously? The problem (beside economics) is crowding. Rondo/Pierce/KG start. Ellis starts. Are you sitting Maggette or Perk? Messy situation.

    This is all kinds of intriguing. Probably never happens though.

  • @Jason: I absolutely LOVE Maggette. Love him. I may be his biggest fan outside of the Bay Area. But the Celtics aren’t taking BOTH Ellis and Maggette in a deal. That’s just ludicrious, economically, even if you take Ray’s contract off the books for next season.

  • Timmy Two-Step

    Maggette would sit. Think GS would part with him for an assortment of expirings?

    A sixth man off the bench who excels at getting to the line? A swingman who will demand minutes, decreasing Ray’s & PP’s at the same time? A scorer who could play crunch time when Ray is having a night off? Sounds like something the Celts could use; you’ve seen what Crawford has done for the Hawks

  • NV

    Totally wrong. You lose a clutch shooter and Monta Elis is just not a good replacment. Sure he’s young, but will never live up to Ray Allen. Even with Ray’s expiring contract this season.
    Though i will give that trade that it would give the C’s a good role player behind Sheed as sixth man

  • Sam

    I love Maggette as well but there’s just no way this deal happens the second I heard it I thought is was ludicrous.

  • Mitch

    i would trade ray for monta and corey …it would be ignorant to think this isn’t a good trade

  • Jason

    @Mitch. Here here. Again, though, I admit the economics put ownership in an expensive position. Still, those two guys at Rondo money is not overpaying.

    Imagine being Ray, though. It would suck to be traded away, thinking you were a part of this grand plan and preparing appropriately and expecting a championship run and then you were tossed like a commodity. And to a miserable situation like GS.

    Ray wouldn’t be bought out and then return, right?

  • Sure, MItch, on paper it’s a good trade. But the Celtics aren’t the Yankees or the REd Sox. They are not going to shake up the foundation of this team in exchange for the right to pay two guys they don’t know much about internally (in terms of chemistry, etc) $21 million combined through 2014.

  • Brett

    1. The trade is absolutely plausible. The Warriors have long been rumored locally (I’m a Warriors season ticket holder though I am a Celtics fan) to be desperate to get out from under Maggette’s contract (3+ Years at $10 mil per for a slightly above-average 2-3, the most replaceable positions in the NBA). They recognize that they will have to package Maggette with something valuable to get it done and have been rumored to be offering up Anthony Randolph, Brandan Wright and any player of value other than Stephen Curry. Remember, this is Don Nelson we are talking about. He relishes dysfunction and MUST be the man. He is happy to throw talent away in order to establish his presence as the alpha male. In the past year, he has given away Jamal Crawford (6th man of the year?) for spare parts and Marco Belinelli, a fan favorite at Oracle as a salary dump before the Stephen Jackson debacle. Unfortunately for Warriors fans, the Warriors would probably happily make this trade.
    2. That trade makes the Celtics better and would make them champions for sure if Ray gets bought out and comes back. Maggette can get to the line at will and shoots effectively from the stripe. But Ellis is just ELECTRIC. Stud. Better than Ray right now by himself (relax – I love Ray and what he means to the team but having seen almost every W’s and every C’s game this year it’s true), and young with a decent contract to boot. He is no slouch defensively any more either. The trade would set us up for years, as Rondo and Ellis would be the fastest backcourt in the league hands down, with good contracts to pair with Perk. If Ray gets bought out and comes back, well we might just win a few in a row (though this would likely encourage Lebron/Bosh/Wade to team up next year as Celtics writing would be on the wall).

    Do this Danny!

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I love the Hub because you get to hear from C fans all over. Really liked Bretts post. So Brett how do you survive as a C fan on the west coast? Brett, are you more of a C fan or A G State fan ?

    I love Ray Ray. He has a great work effort and great character. He hits big shots. He can be a great scorer (although more discretion from 3 would be good). Tons of experience. Has good chemistry with the Cs. Only drawback: He is 34. He is a little slower, but he is very smart.

    I expect players from G State to have gaudy scoring numbers, but Boston is not the same system. Could they fit in & take better, fewer shots? Would they have the desire to play as hard on D as on the offensive end? We know these guys are good offensively with a RUNNING FAST BREAK style, but can they produce half court? If they can’t play D then this is not going to work.

    Other options……

    If the Wiz have a fire sale, once they decide who owns the team, I think the 7′ Brendan Haywood would be great (double/double *rebounding, shot blocking, lane clogging intimidation). He likes the paint & would not be a 7’er jacking up 3s.

    If you’re talking another point guard, Andre Miller. He keeps his dribble & uses his dribble for easy layups & to manipulate the defense. He is crafty & is climbing the all time assists short list. He is strong & tough & would bring a whole new dimension—guard post up. He is good at drawing charges & virtually never misses games.

    Since Shelden is in bench exile, JR has been clawed away, Bill is not getting it, & Scal is not the old Scal…can we get someone to put in there who wouldn’t give Doc the shakes?

  • cmoney

    I loved Maggette in LAC. I hated him in GS. But right now he’s playing like Maggette in LAC. Lots of 20 pts on 9 shots type of lines. His ability to get to the line is amongst the best in the league.

    However, Monta is terrible. Most overrated player in the league right now. His TS% is ~.51. That’s AWFUL. He’s a TO machine. I’d contend he’s cost the Woyas 1-2 wins by taking possessions away from more useful scorers such as Maggette and Curry. Do. Not. Want.

  • George

    Points I agree on:
    1) Zach’s OP- Ray will not be traded
    2) I wouldn’t be upset if we got Maggette & Biedrins for Ray actually. Maggette was a sleeper pickup for my fantasy team, and he’s been a completely underrated 6th man. 2nd only to Carl Landry IMHO (don’t even say Jamal Crawford). Ray has been typically clutch, despite shooting a bit worse overall. We would miss that for sure, but Biedrins & Maggette would be hard to pass up…
    3) Ellis – Do. Not. Want.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    i’m as big of a rayray fan as anyone but people still talk like he is an allstar. its not a slump he’s in, he’s just playing like a 34 year old former superstar. trading ray, and his big expiring deal, is the only way to upgrade this team. it will be too tempting for ainge not to pull the trigger…the team is getting old fast and trading ray is the only chance to compete now and build forward (no attractive expiring deals next year).

    monta or magette would both be immediate upgrades. but with the whole league considering firesales, i’m not convinced those are the best options available for 20M per year. electric offense, highly questionable defense, chemistry and intangibles that don’t show up in the boxscore.

    i’d take ray for iguodala over this, if possible.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    BTW: ray’s man2man defense is awful these days. monta or maggette would not be a downgrade at all….which is saying something.

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  • Alteregofromthebay

    Take the expiring contract and Ellis for Ray Allen. Boston would be so in the GAME if they do this. Monta Ellis is so freaking good…it is scary. This is a HUGE nobrainer for Danny Ainge.

  • Alteregofromthebay

    Just so I am clear…this has nothing to do with the decline of an aging player other than the fact that you use his expiring contract to reel in a ALL-STAR player on the way up. There is no way Magette is coming with him though folks…Boston is smart and they still do EVERYTHING they can to not pay that luxury tax.

    By the way, as much as I like Monta….I like the trade for Iggy better. A.I. is a better fit for Boston than Monta…as far as size and ability top guard the 2 and 3 position. Not sure about his contract though.

  • @alterego: If Boston is concerned about the luxury tax, why would they take on Monta’s $11M salary through 2014?

  • tm

    There is always T-mac waiting for a buyout 🙂