Post-game Reactions

After Wednesday night’s games, the Eastern Conference standings look like this:

1) Cleveland: 32-11

2) Boston: 27-13

3) Atlanta: 27-14

4) Orlando: 27-15

If the C’s don’t get things turned around starting now, they could find themselves in 4th place in the Eastern Conference at the All-Star break. Does that matter? It certainly doesn’t matter as much as the condition of Kevin Garnett’s knee in late April. How important will playoff seedings be? That’s up to you, dear reader.

In any case, check out Boston’s next five games:

1/22: vs Portland;

1/25 vs. Clippers

1/28 @ Orlando

1/29 @ Atlanta

1/31 vs. Lakers

Yikes. But the C’s don’t get to have all the fun in the East between now and Feb. 1.

Check out Atlanta’s schedule:

1/22 vs Charlotte (red hot)

1/25 @ Houston

1/27 @ San Antonio

1/29 vs Boston

1/30 @ Orlando

The Magic have it a bit easier, with a home game against the Kings and tough roadies at Charotte and Memphis before their Hawks-C’s double-dip.

In any case, the next 10 days are going to be very interesting. Do they matter in the long run? I’m not sure. But they’ll be interesting to watch, and, perhaps, a good way to measure how high Boston can raise its game right now.

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  • steve

    It has definitely reached this point with the way the team is playing: They are not a championship team based on their current level of play. No matter how things look on paper, these losses are not the signs of a team that can make a run to the finals. Plenty of reasons and blame for the losses but the bottom line is losing games you should be winning. I know you can’t play with playoff urgency in January but some urgency and energy would go a long way. Either way, I will cheer them on as far as they go.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    the seed isn’t important. rest and health is.

    road or home….this team can win anywhere if healthy. if not…..fogettaboutit

  • DeVelaine

    Last night was certainly the earliest I’ve ever turned off a game I figured was going to be a loss, just because I can’t stand to sit here and watch them basically stop playing in the second half. I can’t wait until KG gets back and starts kicking everyone’s a** for not playing hard every possession. That’s one thing we can all safely say he’ll end up doing once he gets back on the floor.

  • mp

    As a division champion…we’ll get at least the third seed no matter what. Toronto isn’t catching up to us.

  • Yes, but home court remains determined by record.

  • Jay P

    Ya but have you seen their home record? Hell at this point I’d only prefer them not to have home-court advantage…

  • Lets face it, who cares about their seed. They need to be healthy, rested and playing well. If they play like they are now in the playoffs I don’t care if they are the #1 seed they will get ousted first round. If they play like they did in their first 6 or during the double digit win streak there is no way they can’t win the title. Right now they are not a 48 minute team. They play well for spurts and show you if they could play a full game, with intensity they would wipe the floor with most teams in the league. The thing is they jump out to these double digit leads then look lethargic and unenthused as the other teams start to pound them. Seed is not important as matchups are in the playoffs. I’d prefer a first round against a team we match-up well against and then the 2nd round against Orlando ideally, or Cleveland. The team I think that could truly beast the Celtics in a 2nd round series is the Hawks. The Hawks are atheletic, mentally tough (since their ’08 series with us) and match up well against the C’s. I think if at full strenght we would beat the Magic and the Lebrons the way they are currently constituted.

  • Idaho

    Speaking of measuring up would someone just once take Paul Pierce to task for his contribution to this team’s turnover problem. I realize we want the ball in his hands but we have to take him to task. I know he has had 3 turnovers or more in the last 4 of 5 games. If Rondo doesn’t get his 4, Pierce gets them for him, or vice versa.

  • @Idaho: People have been complaining about Pierce’s TOs for years, and his TO rate is lower this year than it has been since ’07. Pierce is not the center of the turnover problem. It’s Perk, then Rajon.

  • Also Pierce’s TO’s are not that bad when you compare him to other top players. Peirce’s TO’s per game a 3.0, Lebrons are 3.6, Kobe’s 2.9. Even based on their usage % their TO %s are relatively close.

  • DRJ1

    @Zach: Rondo is forgiven his TOs… he has the rock in his hands ~all the time, and his assist/TO ratio is not bad (#6 in the league). But it seems lately that in every game, PP does his “I’m gonna dribble my way through everybody” routine, whose typical result is a TO. After all these years, it’s amazing that the man still thinks he’s a great ball handler. Wanna see great, look at Rondo. Paul Pierce is not great (at that). He should know it by now and stop throwing the ball away.

    Ray is guilty of similar transgressions. And with Ray, you can add horrible passing to the TO-cause list.

    And Perk… oh Perk… #2 in TOs on the team after Rondo… The guy has improved a lot, but still has a long way to go. He’s lucky he doesn’t have EVEN MORE TOs — because I got a news flash for Perk: when he gets the ball in the post and starts his dribbling, approximately 1/2 the time he travels. Watch him…. he takes a little hop prior to the ball hitting the ground. That little hop is a travel. He’s just lucky the refs haven’t nailed him for about a hundred MORE TOs.

    In a way this is good. Paul COULD stop his TOs. So could Ray. Those two could improve any day now. Perk is a problem. Unless somebody gets to him right now and really drills these things into his head, he’s going to continue to be a TO machine.

  • DRJ1

    I couldn’t care less about seeding. HCA is meaningless to this team. If healthy and playing up to their potential, they can beat anybody anywhere. If not, they can’t beat anybody anywhere (except maybe NJ).

    There’s good reason to hope that the team will be fully healthy reasonably soon. There’s also good reason to worry that their chemistry has self-destructed and that, healthy or not, they’re not playing anywhere close to their potential.

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  • Idaho

    @ Zach,

    He plays a part is all I am saying and fully capable of doing better. And this team is bad enough you can’t blame it on any “one” guy or even two guys imo.

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  • You hit the nail on the head in that post, I’ll definitely be back for the next update.