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“His Conditioning is Awful”

Amid all the relief coming out of practice today because of KG’s healthy return to practice, this line from Doc Rivers stood out (via ESPNBoston.com):

“[Garnett] looked really good, played well, but his conditioning is awful,” said Rivers. “That’s why I stopped [practice]. He was going well and I didn’t want to take him to the next step yet. He’ll do some running tomorrow, then we may do something Thursday. Friday, we’ll see.” 

This is the sort of forgotten story line when we discuss KG’s impact on the team and the whole, “All that matters is getting KG healthy for the playoffs” line of thinking. Having KG healthy for the playoffs would be nice. What would be even better, though, is having KG healthy for the 10 or so games before the playoffs, so that he can get himself into game shape. Even if KG starts the playoffs cold—off of an injury—he could work himself into shape as the post-season goes on. 

But that first round series becomes a lot harder if KG is gassed eight minutes into the first quarter of Game 1. 

These on-again, off-again injuries are conditioning-killers. Cross you fingers the C’s get through the 2nd half of the season—or at least the last quarter of the season—without KG suffering another one.

  • Idaho

    This has been crazy deja vu all over again. Obviously he has something seriously wrong with his knee and they are sweeping it under the rug. If I were Doc and the boys I would be trying to figure out how to win it without the big man and count yourself fortunate if you have him for the post season bc he has some serious issues with the knee.