Post-game Reactions

I’m not sure how I missed this little ditty from WEEI’s Jessica Camerato yesterday, but I did.  Apparently, Mike Bibby has noticed the chorus of “boos” his mere touching of the ball illicits from Celtics fans:

“I don’t even care,” Bibby said of the jeers. “It doesn’t really matter to me, you know what I mean? We’re winning. We’re 3-0 on them, that’s all that matters.”

He definitely has a point. The Hawks are 3-0 against the Celtics and at the end of the day, no one talks about officials or injuries, they talk about W’s and L’s.

On the flipside, what he said to spark such animosity from Bostonians is just as deserving as Bibby’s underwhelming response.  I know you haven’t forgotten, but just in case you’re a Laker fan checking out the site, here it is:

“A lot of these fans are bandwagon jumpers trying to get on this now,” he said during the first round of the 2008 postseason. “I played here last year, too, and I didn’t see three-fourths of them. They’re for the team now and they might get a little rowdy, but that’s about it.”

Those a strong words, and are just wrong.  Since when does game attendance constitute true fandom?  I know the economic situations of the everyman Celtics’ fan isn’t on Bibby’s radar, let alone NBA ticket prices, but he should think before he says Celtics fans are bandwagon fans for just being more visible at games. Tickets are expensive, and I’d rather buy another grown man’s jersey and wear while I pantomime plays in my living room than go to one game.  A lifetime family heirloom (like say, a Celtics’ no. 20 jersey with “Shuttlesworth” on the back) is worth far more than one night at the Garden (depending on the night, of course).

Call it old news, call it gamesmanship, or call it just dumb.  Whatever you call it, you can end it with, “Oh and it’s just blatantly wrong.”

I’d love to have Bibby come into any of our houses and see us screaming at the TV and ask himself, “hmmm, are these guys really bandwagon fans, or am I a fading NBA player?”

Given his ego, I think he would surprise even himself with his answer.

In his bulletted recap of the Hawks game, Zach Lowe suggested, “It’s time to stop booing Mike Bibby in Boston. He played just 17:55 tonight and does not merit such attention.”

I disagree.  If Bibby’s making no apologies for his actions, why, as fans, should we?

The bottom line is, we shouldn’t.  If someone’s booing Mike Bibby, the casual fan attending the game will ask why such a mutually agreed upon response occurs.  The Diehard will explain the significance, and now Diehard and Casual can revel in indignation. 

To recap: Diehard boos Mike Bibby, Casual fan boos Mike Bibby, Casual fan becomes Diehard fan vowing to prove Mike Bibby wrong.

In conclusion:  Support the habit by booing Mike Bibby.

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  • pam

    talking about bandwagon fans does anyone remember hawks home games in the 2008 playoffs again the celts? they had positively horrible attendance in the regular season but all of a sudden during the playoffs they had the craziest crowd. do i smell hypocrisy?

  • Brendan Jackson


    Great point. I should have included that. Celtics fans are terrible, until that player comes here and then we’re the best in the world. Curious…

  • “I’d rather buy another grown man’s jersey and wear while I pantomime plays in my living room than go to one game”

    Me too, but it makes me feel like a little more of a loser to read it written out in this entry. So…thanks for that.

  • corey

    This is the stupidest bunch of garbage that could have possibly be allowed by espn’s web editors.

    Bibby was 100% correct, and the fact that he gets booed proves his point. Nobody would give a darn if he wasn’t right.

    The garden is just like Fenway with all daddy’s little girls in pink hats there to “people watch” these days. Its more of a thing to do than an important game. I for one am constantly pissed that i could purchase any ticket i wanted for the past 18 years for almost any game and now i have to use a ticket broker and pay 50% more for a game that i was going to go to regardless of who was on our roster or what our record was.

    Boston has become the most obnoxious group of bandwagon sports fans across the board, period.

  • Brendan Jackson

    “Bibby was 100% correct, and the fact that he gets booed proves his point. Nobody would give a darn if he wasn’t right.”

    Right. The concept of indignation is a farce. No one ever cares when someone challenges another’s belief, unjustly calls people out, or makes generalizations.

    Slander doesn’t exist. At least not in an official medium like a court of law because people don’t give a darn.

    I’m sorry, I just really forgot that people just don’t give a darn…

  • mike wichter

    he did not really count that travesty on monday night a win, did he? anyone who was within 100 miles of that game knows the refs took that game and simply handed it to atlanta on a silver platter. now we can all see how donaghy was able to predict 85% winners simply based on what refs were doing which game. monday night was a joke.

  • MikeD

    @corey – Have you been living under a rock your entire life? Boston fans are some of the greatest, most die hard fans in the world. Get a clue dude. We boo him every time he touches the ball to remind he we aren’t bandwagon fans and that we do care. If you hate Boston so much why are you wasting your time on a Celtics blog?

  • Vandy101

    great article mr jackson.

    channeling your inner “what grinds my gears”

  • computersnacks

    As a Celtics fan living in Atlanta, I can attest to the Playoff games in 2008. I showed up to game one and had a lot of so-called Hawks fans call me a bandwagon fan. When I asked them how many games they’ve attended, they kind of quieted down.

    They had no response when I told them I had attended more Hawks games than they have during the season, making me a better Hawks fan than they were, let alone Celtics fan.

  • I went to about 25+ home games that dreaded 2006-2007 season, including during the losing streak and even though the place wasn’t sold out….there were still alot of fans there cheering on the Celts. The average attendance that season was 16,900. The average attendance during the Championship season was 18624, selling out all home games (GOOGLE & WIKIPEDIA ARE YOUR FRIENDS).

    If Bibby really notices a difference of 1700+ fans, that explains his dismal stats…he’s paying more attention to the crowd than to the game. The mere fact that he commented on it shows it on his mind.

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  • ‘ Bibby really notices a difference of 1700+ fans, that explains his dismal stats…he’s paying more attention to the crowd than to the game. The mere fact that he commented on it shows it on his mind’

    JSK – Hilarious and true. I loved going to them even when they sucked (hey we had a lot of developing talent…I’m still mad that Tony Allen got injured when he was developing into a beast). Even then the crowds were decent (considering we were cellar dwellers). I’ve loved the C’s since I was a kid, loved the Pats and Red Sox too (honestly I like the Bruins but they are and always will be my least favorite). It doesn’t matter if the Pats were 14-2 or 2-14 I watched, same with the other teams…

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  • rondoislove

    Bibby’s just jealous because when the Hawks play the Wizards at home, they don’t even get a quarter of their arena filled, even when their team is doing so well (I just passed a channel that was playing the game & decided to actually take a took at it), but when the Celtics play the Wizards at home, they still get thousands. Now when the Celtics come to Atlanta.. it’s a different story, naturally.

    P.S. — “We’re 3-0 on them that’s all that matters.”
    Not necessarily, my friend. The Wizards were 3-1 vs. C’s during the ’07-’08 season and between the two, who won the championship? Orlando was 2-0 vs. the Lakers last season, and who won the championship when they met in the Finals? Yeah. Besides.. they’re a fully healthy Hawks team. What are they gonna do if their players start dropping like flies too?

  • Mitch

    the hawks have beat us 3 times in which at least one key player on the celtics was out

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  • gway

    corey you're an idiot boston fans have better fans then you ever will be dipshit