Post-game Reactions

The league has admitted that the flagrant foul on Big Baby was the incorrect call and down-graded the foul to a normal (i.e. non-flagrant) foul, according to ESPNBoston.

Let’s forget the fact that the flagrant on Davis—a questionable call that led to three technicals on the C’s coaching staff and five foul shots for Atlanta—helped turn the tide in Monday’s game. These things happen, and as I wrote after the game, you risk a flagrant anytime you make contact with an opposing player’s head on a fast break.

But you would think that the league—having conceded the call was wrong—would at least not take additional action against Doc Rivers for arguing that call. But it did. The league has fined Doc $25,000 for arguing the call. And Doc appears confused by the fine. And I’m confused, too.

My first reaction was that Doc had to have said something unforgivable—a dirty word, a comment about Bennett Salvatore’s mother, something.

But Doc denies that anything like that happened. Per ESPNBoston.com:

“They admit that the … call was wrong,” Rivers said before the Celtics’ game against the New Jersey Nets. “Of all the fines I’ve ever had, this is by far the most disappointing. I just don’t get this one. I watched a couple of coaches last week run out on the floor and no fine. I get fined for being right.”

“I get fined for being right.” Awesome. And this:

“I didn’t want to hear the explanation when they called, honestly. I was not in the mood,” Rivers said. “I didn’t let them [explain] because there was no explanation.

“They said I stayed out on the floor too long, or whatever, which I didn’t do. I didn’t swear, kept saying, ‘it’s an awful call,’ so I’m perplexed by the fine. I was perplexed at the time and so I still am.”

Weird, weird ruling from the league.

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  • Mitch

    Bennett salvatore was the same ref who gave sheed a technical foul for saying “and 1” after he was fouled making a shot…….so i am thinking bennett just hates the celtics.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Mitch is right. Benny, he, no likah the green. Whatsa matter for you Benny? Maybe we could design some special glasses where the green appears red & the red appears green…..

    There is a positive. If Doc should argue calls & be completely wrong, perhaps the league would pay him $25,000 for being wrong so in the long run he could turn this temporary setback into a money making enterprise.

  • Jason

    Salvatore’s a power-tripping red-ass, just like Joey Crawford, Bill Kennedy and a number of others. Violet is just cover-your-eyes awful. Bavetta’s corrupt. (BTW, could you name any official from another sport, besides Hocculi who gets pub because of his triceps? No. Take a moment to think about why that is.) Anyway, everyone else in the league should shine compared to these assholes, except they’re all so incompetent, too.

    The league office is a joke (as this incident so clearly proves), so is it any surprise their officials are jokes, too? Crap management begets crap labor.

  • Mitch

    I’m suprised those refs got out of the garden alive after that hawks game

  • josh

    david stern is a joke. i love basketball, i love where the league is at now as far as talented players and teams and everything, but i can’t respect a thing about the NBA itself. stern is a little insecure dictator getting off on flexing his authority so everybody knows he’s the boss. a lot of his crap has convinced me he’s a little too childish to be in charge of the NBA.

  • So where are all the C’s haters that were mad at us ‘homers’ for saying it wasn’t a flagrant call. Flagrant shmagrent as I said the other day it was no unnecessary or excessive and did not attempt to cause injury. Funny how none of the “it was clearly a flagrant” Celtics HATERS have posted yet.