Post-game Reactions

From last night’s Blazers-Lakers game in Portland:

Kobe Bryant: 14-of-37, 2-4 (free throws)= 32 points

Brandon Roy: 9-of-11, 13-14 (free throws)=32 points

Look at those numbers: Brandon Roy scored the same number of points as Kobe Bryant despite taking 26 fewer shots.

This has to be a record for the largest differential in field-goal attempts between two players who scored the same number of points in a game. It has to be. Someone get Elias Sports Bureau or the ESPN Sports and Information group on this. 

Do you realize the perfect storm required for this happen? A bad shooting day for Bryant? Check. A defender (Martell Webster, according to Blazers Edge) on his game hounding Kobe all night long? Check. Some questionable officiating? Well, the Blazers attempted 39 foul shots compared to just 10 for the Lakers, so either Portland got some hometown calls or the Lakers just decided not to attack the paint all game. I didn’t watch the game, so I don’t know. 

But I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that Roy and Bryant set this bizarre record last night. 

Also: I may never have played high-level basketball, but I’m guessing it’s not a good thing for one player to attempt five fewer shots than the other four players in the starting line-up combined.

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  • Jason

    Gee, and all I ever hear nowadays is how much more of a team player Kobe is. Seems like the same old Kobe to me.

  • I live in Portland (born & raised in MA), watched the game and can tell you for certain that a) the Blazers blew the doors off the Lakers through relentless aggression (hence the huge amount of free-throws for the Blazers) and b) LA’s counter was to hoist contested jumpers for most of the game. Webster’s defense on the year is much improved, and he did a solid job on Kobe while playing huge minutes(at least 42). LA had no answer for Jerryd Bayless either. Hell of a game.

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