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Thunder Celtics BasketballMarc Spears of Yahoo Sports reports the news, after speaking with the point guard last night. An excerpt from the report:

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo told Yahoo! Sports he expects to return to action Wednesday against Miami after missing the previous game with a hamstring injury. “I’m getting better each day with the rest I’m getting. I’m just ready to get back up there,” Rondo said.

Now Rondo wanting to play here should come as no surprise, but it’s good to hear straight from the source that the injury has improved everyday. We should probably know more after this afternoon’s practice session as we will be curious to see if Rondo participates in the drills as he failed to do yesterday.

My question for everyone though is do you want the C’s to be overly cautious with Rondo here and hold him out until the Hawks game? It’s evident a win without Rondo and company should be a far tougher task against Miami on the road, than it was at home against the Raptors, but I’d be willing to sacrifice that if there was any lingering pain with the injury. What is people’s stance on this?

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Brian Robb

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  • Hamstrings scare the hell out of me. That said, who knows what the best thing is. With hamstrings, I don’t think there’s necessarily ever an easy answer.

  • George

    I think it completely depends on the type/severity that the original injury was and how much pain he has now. Though if there’s some doubt, I’d say sit him. I’m not sure this kid’s capable of taking it easy, so he’ll be out there hitting the floor regardless if he’s nursing his hamstring or not. And I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

  • Sam

    They scare me too, I lean towards playing Rondo a little if he can handle it. However not for 40+ mimutes like he’s been played a couple of times recently.

  • Mitch

    good for you rondo, anyone know if the NBA store sells Giddens jersey>?

  • nowayout

    Any contender is one injury away from writing the whole season off. (see Cs last year)
    I’m not an expert on injuries, but I think we should not risk anybody from the core even if we lose 5 more regular season games.
    With Rondo, it gets even more tricky. He is simply irreplacable and unless he is 100% simply sit him down. Dont’ take any chances, it’s not worth it.

  • Jay P

    Sit him, let’s see more out of the young guys. I personally really want to see if Hudson has any potential to be a serious contributor to this team in the future. Daniels is a one year deal, and there are a lot of questions on who will fill that backup role for Rondo going into the future. Let’s see what the kids got.

  • Idaho

    Hammies don’t really benefit from rest because of the type of muscle unless you are talking 2-3 weeks of rest. I could see this buggin rondo all year – they are worse than ankles in terms of nagging injury. Luckily he has access to all the facilities to nurse it back to health as he plays. hopefully he is taking advantage of that.

    The C’s had two injuries that kept them from being a contender. Everyone fails to take into account that the C’s still had a legitimate shot at contending if they hadn’t lost Powe too. Zach has pointed out the fact that Boston was playing more efficient basketball without KG which seems asinine. But that is how well the bench was playing for B-town.

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