Post-game Reactions

Mark Murphy of The Boston Herald has the latest on what was an eventful Tuesday afternoon practice before the team took their charter down to Miami. A synopsis of the report:

Pierce is PROBABLE for the Miami game after practicing fully with the team today.

Rondo is still QUESTIONABLE for tomorrow night with his hamstring injury. He also practiced with the team today.

Eddie House is DOUBTFUL for tomorrow with a bad stomach flu. He missed practice today as did Perk. Kendrick however, traveled with the team and is expected to play tomorrow while Eddie is not.

Got all that? Good. Let’s hear from the Captain talking about his injury via Murphy’s article:

“I got a good practice in today – felt pretty good, probably not 100 percent, but it’s getting better,” said Pierce. “I got a chance to run the last couple of days on the treadmill. I shot every day, rode the bike every day, so I’m as confident as I’m going to be. It’s just a matter of the swelling going down. I have a lot more flexibility than I’ve had in the last few days. I saw some flashes today.

“I went through the meat and potatoes of it,” said Pierce. “I talked to the doctors, and the side effect is if it swells again. So I’ll continue to get treatment, take pills and go from there.”

Pierce attempted to dispel any notion that due to the team’s short-handed situation, he is rushing himself back.

“Not at all,” he said. “I’m coming back because I feel good. You know Kevin’s going to be out, and maybe Rondo will play — I don’t know for sure. But I don’t feel pressure at all to come back out here. I wouldn’t do that to myself. I wouldn’t do that to my body at this point in my career.”

That last line is very reassuring to hear. The Truth is a trooper and knows his team needs him, but he seems to be well aware of the long term implications surrounding his health. Here’s hoping Rondo is taking the same attitude towards tomorrow night.

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Brian Robb

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  • Cptn Bubbles

    I say err to the side of caution on both Paul & Rajon. Play the same guys who beat the Raps. They played pretty well. Was it a fluke? Give them another chance & actually LEARN something.

    Learning about what you REALLY have by playing them in actual games (the ultimate proving grounds) will make the whole murky trade question much clearer. If those guys continue to win then there is no need to go chasing after some POTENTIAL help who may not play well on the defensive end or have good chemistry.

    Doc says over & over & over & over that he is not worried about total wins/ceding as much as health. If this is really true then there should be more minutes for the bench. Why run the big 5 into the ground? This just, eventually, leads to more minutes for the bench anyway when they inevitably get hurt.

    We all know that Doc is harder on point guards. I don’t think Lester is being given a fair deal. He handles the ball well & brings it up quickly (as opposed to the laboring styles of others which eats up the shot clock & is more likely to lead to turnovers). He has a really great looking shot. He is quick & can attack the lane. You could have him bring the ball up & then rotate to shooting guard if you are afraid of him trying to create too much. You can see that he has some skills BUT Doc has him on a very strict preordained minute allotment, a very, very, very short leash as if Lester could completely ruin the team in 5 minutes or less……..We can’t see fully what he is because Doc has seen some bad things in practice and believes that past practice performances trump what Lester is actually doing in a real game.

    I like Doc a lot, but this leads me to what annoys me most about Doc. Minutes. If the bench is doing well it does not matter. They are only going to play the magical number which Doc has in his head before the game even starts. If Lester, or anyone, is playing great, too bad! They MUST come out when the clock strikes…… Doc needs to break the stopwatch & go by what is actually happening on the court. Bench is playing well, keep them in there until they start getting tired or make several mistakes in a row. Starters look flat & tired early, sub early. Somebody is wearing Ray out, put TA in the game early. Start Sheed, KG, & Perk together and pound the rock inside. Then, bring them out at different times. Mix it up. Experiment Now. Most of all, please STOP bringing guys out of the game who are playing well & are not tired. Subbing for the sake of subbing should be a crime punishable by being tied to a chair & forced to watch old (or actually new) Clippers games non stop for 24 hours.