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• In a really nice piece, Paul Flannery at WEEI gets Tony Allen to open up about the challenge of playing point guard on the spot (hat tip: CelticsBlog).

Before we get to TA’s words, Flannery found a pretty incredible stat on 82games.com

TA is shooting 70 percent on non-jump shots—inside shots and dunks. Yes, the sample size is small, but TA hasn’t finished like this in….ever, really. He won’t be able to keep that 70 percent rate up—not even Shaq in his prime could—but his ability to attack the basket could be a crucial little ingredient for the C’s. 

In any case, here’s TA on subbing for Rondo in a pinch:

“The hardest thing is remembering the plays from a point guard position,” Tony Allen said. “I know all the plays from a wing position but it’s just hard remembering where to cut to some times.”

Allen helpfully provided an example out of a set the Celtics call “floppy,” which essentially involves the two wing players cutting simultaneously under the basket and coming off curl screens on the opposite side. It’s as basic as the pick and roll and every team runs it, especially if they have a great shooter like Ray Allen who is particularly adept at shooting the ball while he is on the move.

“I know J.R. [Giddens] is a spot-up shooter where Ray is a catch and shoot,” Tony Allen said. “If I call a floppy play, nine times out of 10 I’ll go to Ray’s side to get that catch and shoot jump shot, which puts pressure on the defense where they have to help on Ray and [Kendrick Perkins] can feed on that. That’s just one example of understanding the point guard position. It’s like homework.”

Great stuff.

After the jump, you’ll never guess which player became available today to any team who wants him…

Cavaliers Celtics Basketball

• That’s right! Our old plan Mikki Moore is available after Golden State waived him today for complicated reasons Marcus Thompson explains on his blog for the Contra Costa Times. (One of those reasons: The fact that Mikki just had surgery to remove bone spurs from his right heel, an injury expected to keep him out at least three months). 

Yes, this entire bullet point was an excuse to post a photo of Mikki Moore fouling someone. Obviously, the Celtics are not going to sign him.

• If you haven’t seen the story about Brook Lopez (possibly) misunderstanding a fake news item about Kevin Garnett in the Onion, go to Red’s Army and read about it right now.

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