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Notebook Addendum: ‘Sheed T’s


The Herald has a really interesting piece regarding how ‘Sheed feels about his mounting technical fouls:

“The last two teams I’ve been on, here and Detroit, after they made up the Sheed Wallace rule about the techs and the suspensions, this team is talented enough and that Detroit team was talented enough to win a game without me.. . . . It’s like being injured where you might have a little stinger so you’ve got to sit out a game or two. It’s like that. What’s your team going to do then? They’re going to step up.”

I definitely had to read that again to make sure I read it right.  For the record, let me just re-quote the interesting part:

It’s like being injured where you might have a little stinger so you’ve got to sit out a game or two. It’s like that. What’s your team going to do then? They’re going to step up.”

Quite the window into irrational thinking, don’t you think?

Well Rasheed, what happens if other members of your team have “real” stingers?  Like maybe right now.  To ‘Sheed, it seems he’s not too concerned with being suspended and missing games.  On a personal level?  Fine, if that’s the way you feel, how can I tell you otherwise?  But he has a team to consider.  A team that had to start at center last night because of these little stingers.  I knew of ‘Sheed’s antics, anger management problems, and other eccentricities before he came to Boston, but I never thought he wasn’t a team player.

On a separate note, which I personally find interesting, is ‘Sheed’s view of money with respect to racking up T’s:

“See, they think they can control people with money. Everybody don’t live like that. That’s how they live up there in that office. They think, ‘Oh, I’m going to hit him in the pocket. That’s where it will hurt.’ No, it don’t hurt me. I didn’t have it growing up, so, I mean, either way it don’t hurt me. As long as my family’s cool, I’m cool. It ain’t hurting my family. I make sure of that.”

If he didn’t have it growing up, shouldn’t he recognize its value now? I’m not willing to put my economic upbringing against Rasheed Wallace’s, but I certainly don’t have gall money to spend 30,000 dollars telling a coworker I don’t like where he can stick it. 

Have athlete’s really gotten that far out of touch?

  • DeVelaine

    There’s not growing up with money, gaining it, and then having more value on it. Then there’s growing up without money, gaining it, and still keeping the smarts to live like you didn’t have it. Maybe he just isn’t living at the limit of his means like most people with money do: the “Spend it ’cause I got it” logic.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    Regarding the money part…I think sheed is just saying that money is only paper….that principles are more important than money….so if there is a financial cost of speaking his mind….so be it. His me against the world attitude is part of what got him to where he is today; a ‘successful’ pro athlete, a self-made man. Cassius Clay sacrificed a lot to put his beliefs above fame and fortune….and is now widely respected for it. The scale is different but the logic is the same.

    As far as him trying to justify how his team can step up without him….thats just BS. If you compromise your wallet for what you believe in, I respect that, if you compromise the team, thats selfish. …but so is him being out of shape and choosing to stand at the arc and chuck 3s…but i digress….

  • rav

    koolaid is right on both counts

  • Steve

    Are you really going to ask if they are that out of touch? Did you already forget the lockout when poor NBA players were forced to sell one of their multiple cars? The hardship they suffered.

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