Post-game Reactions

Brian Robb will have a full recap up of the Clips loss soon, but I wanted to highlight two things:

1) The Celtics made just one three-pointer. How rare is that?

Since Ray and KG arrived here, it has happened just five times, according to a search I did via Basketball Reference. The C’s record in those five games: 2-3. Interestingly, three of those five games have come in this season, and all have them have come in the calendar year 2009. Probably just random…

2) The Clippers cracked 50 percent shooting  against Boston’s defense (they hit 50.7 percent, to be exact). How rare is that? Opponents have managed to hit the 50 percent mark against Boston 23 times since the start of the 2008 season, according to Basketball Reference.

That’s 23 times in 193 regular season games—about once every nine games.

I don’t have time to search now, but I’d bet that is the lowest figure of any team in the league. It’s pretty remarkable, considering the average team shooting percentage in that time has been about 46 percent.

The C’s, by the way, are 9-14 in those 23 games.

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