Post-game Reactions

…to receive a Nerf-style basketball hoop and accompanying mini-ball (both decorated with the Celtics logo) as a Christmas gift?

Because, umm, this friend of mine wants to know if being 32 makes one too old to be receiving this gift for Christmas. This friend, let’s call him Jack Blowe, also wonders whether being 32 makes him too old to hang this hoop up in the apartment he shares with his girlfriend in Manhattan.

I promised myself this friend that I’d use the platform available to me at CelticsHub to inquire about the appropriateness of receiving—and possibly even using—this gift at this stage in life.

Please help my friend address this issue.

Happy holidays!

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  • No such thing as too old, just make sure you leave yourself space for both the shoot-out and the dunk contest.

  • DeVelaine

    I’m 32, and I wouldn’t mind having something like that. Would make for something else I can do while doing my job from home.

  • brymer

    bought one today for the wash room door…i’m almost a better shooter than rondo (j/k)….go c’s!

  • I’m 33, and I wish someone had given ME one of those. 🙁

  • Jack Sprat

    If you can resist the urge to dunk on your girlfriend when she walks under the hoop (and can further resist yelling “Fuck the beast!” after doing so), then I say go for it.

  • I’m 36.. and if your friend doesn’t want it… I’ll take it.

  • From a female’s point of view… I wouldn’t mind if my boyfriend had one of those. In fact, I’d probably have as much fun with it as he would. I’m several years shy of 32 though. Plus I’m a big C’s fan, so I’m not sure I’m representative of the average 32-year-old guy’s girlfriend.

  • Jay P

    I have a mini-one on my desk at work, absolutely nothing wrong with it.

  • I have a mini-one on my desk at work, absolutely nothing wrong with it.

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