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Oh Please No

Via Chris Sheridan in the Daily Dime on ESPN.com:

[Nate] Robinson does want out, and a source close to the Robinson camp tells ESPN.com there’s one place the former slam-dunk champion would truly like to land if a trade can be worked out: Boston.


•  Robinson also is what’s known as a base-year compensation player, a designation given to any player whose salary rises more than 20 percent from the previous season (Robinson went from making $2.02 million to $4 million). If the Knicks found a trade for Robinson that was to his liking, they could only take back a player making $2.02 million or less — and Walsh has been adamant that he will not take on any contracts that eat up the cap space he has squirreled away for next summer. (Note: A trade of Robinson to Boston for J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker would work under salary cap rules, but would add nearly $2 million to the Knicks’ 2010-11 payroll. A Robinson-Marquis Daniels swap — with all deals possibly brokered through a third team — would make more sense for New York payroll-wise, but it is questionable whether that would interest the Celtics — even with Daniels sidelined until the All-Star break by thumb surgery.)

Look: Nate Robinson is, at times, a clown. This cannot be denied. He doesn’t try as hard as he can on defense; earlier this season against Boston, he followed up a spectacular LeBron-esque block on a fast break by preening to the crowd as the ball bounced behind him, allowing Marquis Daniels to pick it up and lay it in right behind Nate. If there is a sequence that better defines his career to date, I don’t know it.

That said, you can’t just dismiss a guy that has scored 17 points per game over a full season in the NBA. You can’t.

But the fit isn’t obvious.

Would his scoring punch help the C’s second unit? Sure. But are you really going to play him on the court at the same time as Eddie House? How the hell is that back court going to guard anyone? Are you going to deal a team-first stabilizer—with ball-handling skills—like Marquis Daniels for Nate Robinson? Would that mean handing over second unit ball-handling duties full-time to Nate Robinson? Or Tony Allen? Or both?

I may take a more in-depth look at Nate Rob tonight—if I can stomach it—but my initial gut reaction strongly says no.

  • Rocci

    Agreed about the whole Nate Robinson thing, but at least its coming out of his camp, and not the Celts’ camp. And to be honest, if he wants to play, wouldn’t he rather go to a weaker team? I’d bet he’d rack up the same ratio of DNP-CD’s as he does in New York.

    Off the top of my head, I could see him in Charlotte, creating some offense for a team that really needs it (although I guess a little less so since Captain Jack arrived).

  • Jay P

    No chance in hell we deal Daniels for him, that’s be insane. That being said, I think if we get him for a Giddens/walker/Scal/TA combo, I’m all for it (and expiring deals may interest the Knicks who we all know are aiming at landing a big name this offseason.)

    It adds a guy who can create for himself in the second unit, which we sorely needed. Yes, defensive matchups will be difficult with a Robinson/house back court, but it definitely gives Doc some new options in that second unit.

    In summation, I’m not completely against it, but I’m certainly not 100% for it either. There’s a good and bad side to the deal for sure, so there would need to be some serious incentive deal-wise to take a chance here.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    yeah right. never.

    this team can score. if they need anything, it is a defensive presence to shut down opposing wings….which is why they got marquis in the first place…

  • I think the expiring deals can net something safer than Nate Robinson. Maybe not “better” in terms of points and glamour, but certainly safer and a better fit for this team.

    That said, one of our expiring deals can be an asset (TA) if he can keep from turning over the ball. The C’s need time to see if TA can keep his recent good play up, and it seems the Nate deal, if it happens, would be pretty soon.

  • George

    Though I may have misunderstood your last post, this I’m sure is a joke- right? No way he ends up in green. Please? A buyout is the only way out of this for him, since no contender wants/needs him. Unless your analysis later (kudos to you if you have the stomach for it) says otherwise, of course.

  • Tom

    We have plenty of expiring deals. JR/TA/Scal. We can get Nate easily if the Knicks want to give him up fo nothing.

  • Tebucky

    It would be nice to take the offensive burden off the starters and give us the option to play a 5-man bench. I know he’s not the smartest player, but the penetrate and kick options are great with Sheed and House!

  • Carlos Rizik

    We don’t need Nate Robinson at all. We do need a back up SF who could score some points and play a decent defense.

  • Mitch

    don’t be stupid zach lowe, robinson would give the celtics young legs and scoring..he does more good then bad…celtics can’t win the championship with JR giddens and Bill walker…they aren’t ready for the NBA…Nate is proven and adds character to a boring celtic team

  • Mitch

    Anyone who doesn’t think this is a good idea is retarded…two time slam dunk champion to go along with SHEED, HOUSE, TA, then big baby coming back…have we forgotten about the lakers???? if this deal isn’t made…the celtics just threw away this season

  • Micah

    Zach you mentioned that you think that the C’s could net a better player(s) with their expiring contracts so who exactly do you have in mind? and could it actually be done before the trade deadline??

  • People seriously think the Celtics would throw away their season by not trading for Nate Robinson? Because he’s a slam dunk champion?

  • dranen645

    why do we care about former slam dunk champions on the team exactly? and what kind of character doe she add

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @mitch: does your last name start with a kup, and end with a chak?

    sneaky, very sneaky. i would advise you to spend less time on blogs and more time worrying about bynum……everything seems fine but santa told me he’s actually the ticking timebomb…….tick….tick….tick….

  • snaxaloltl

    celtics are known as a team that can keep a difficult personality under control, but I think that works best when there is exactly one of those being faced down by an entire team, and the celts already have sheed (who is buying in fantastically well) … would you want to risk the team chemistry?

    on the topic of sheed, is it possible to structure a contract so that every time someone gets a tech ten thousand of their dollars are donated to something vile like the republican party?

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    BTW: can CelticsHub get comment updates integrated somehow? either a click-box that asks if you want an email about follow-on comments, or then an RSS feed specifically for the comments.

    discussions here are usually good and its a pain to always check back on the various threads. big thanks…and keep up the good work!!

  • Brendan Jackson

    Thanks Koolaid. We’re currently in talks about such things to improve the site. I’d say don’t expect anything until after the holidays, but hopefully after that we’ll address those types of things (ie: RSS feeds, threaded comments, answering mailbag questions in posts).

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  • Mitch

    nate is versatile and adds a new dimension to the celtics aging starters, being a two time slam dunk champion is a sidebar…this isn’t stephon marbury as much as you people to believe he is another stephon…Nate is one of the quickest and peskiest guys in the league. He is also an incandescent scorer…the celtics have garbage speed on the bench and shy scorers (exception to sheed) TA is gonna struggle again because he is TA…nate adds another potential sixth man to go along with 3 point specialist HOUSE who has been struggling from beyond the arc…who else do you have?? scal, giddens, williams., Hudson??? those guys will HELP win a championship?? marquis is injured till february and the celtics desperately need another point guard who can score and lead fast breaks…robinson is perfect for that role. If this was the year before the celtics won the championship…you would say “robinson is an all star compared to ryan gomes and delonte west….SO why is he bad for the team??? because he has problems with the knicks??? who doesn’t have a problem with the knicks??? tell me why is this a bad idea????? i really wanna know without you’re bullcrap excuses about effecting team chemistry…we have none!!!!!!! we lost to the sixers and beat an awful minnesota team..we practically gave up again down the stretch…lakers are gonna add to their team and the celtics are gonna listen to tools like you and end up costing them a chance for a championship….nate won’t win it all for the celtics…but he will help significantly….if that is non-sense to you…you need to watch and blog about another sport

  • Mitch

    I apologize for making it seem like I’m against you zach lowe….I am just a worried celtic fan…worried that we don’t have enough fire power to get to the final stage, the lakers are on another planet this year and we have to stop them. And if adding someone like Nate Robinson increases our chances of winning even slightly…then that’s a risk i would take to win a ring

  • DO. NOT. WANT.

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