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Oh man, am I jealous of Kevin Arnovitz (of TrueHoop and ClipperBlog) today, because he just finished up watching the C’s take their gameday shootaround at the United Center. And of course he came away with a fantastic story

J.R. Giddens was on the court working on his long-distance shot. And he was doing alright—he made three straight three-pointers at one point, Arnovitz tells us. Ray Allen was (playfully) unimpressed. 

I’ll let Kevin take over:

“You touched the rim!” Allen said after Giddens’ third make. 

Giddens turned around to face Allen. He wasn’t despondent, but appeared more like an eager child trying to please a father-coach. 

“What kind of shooter are you if you’re touching the rim on your shot?” Allen said with a smile. 

Allen then rose from his cushioned seat on the sidelines for a demonstration, launching a shot from 25-feet. As has been the case more than 2,000 times over his 14-year career, Allen’s shot caught nothing but net. 

Allen cooly went back to his place on the bench, and Giddens went back to work.

Of course he swished the shot. This isn’t quite Bird raising his “Number One” finger as his final money ball in the three-point shootout was in mid-air (an underrated Bird moment), but it’s still pretty damn cool.

Now, let’s get that three-point percentage in real games well north of where it is now (33 percent), Walter Ray.

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