Post-game Reactions

From Brad Miller’s first flagrant, I thought this one was going to be a dog fight but that feeling ended pretty quickly.  Throughout the game I tried to have last years’ playoff series in mind and there was very little comparison.  That doesn’t mean Ben Gordon was any type of glue guy or anything but something is definitely not the same in Bullsville.

It’s a weekend, so here are bullets:

  • Let’s start this off where I started this post:  Brad Miller.  I, personally, have never liked Brad Miller.  I really wished Shaq had connected on that wayward punch years ago.  If you watched tonight’s game, regardless of you City affiliation, it’s easy to see why I don’t like Brad Miler.  In case you missed it, here’s short list: He flops.  He pretends to be tough when he’s not. He pretends to be hurt when he’s not.  He’s always griping to the refs.  He’s always trying to hook someone or lock arms with someone down low and then cry when he doesn’t get the call. He fouls flagrantly.  Last year he hit some huge threes in the playoffs thus disproving the existence of Karma.  He perpetuates the stereotype that white men can’t jump. Aside from the three point shooting, Brad Miller was guilty of all those transgressions in tonight’s game.  Now that Brad Miller is done, I feel like I can move on with my night, and these bullets.
  • The Celtics did not shoot well at all (43.2%) but still won by 26.  Basketball coaches everywhere are reaffirming their respective mantras that essentially say, “I don’t care if we win two to nothing.  It’s about defense.”  The Bulls shot terribly (32.6%).  Specifically Rose, Deng, and Hinrich.
  • The Bulls brought out what Zach Lowe calls the White Flag of surrender (aka Aaron Gray) early tonight.  I think Gray could be bench player in this league, provided he quits getting his healthy eating tips from Michael Sweetney.  Despite being really fat, I like him better than the Collins twins.
  • The Bulls have a true tale of two rookies.  Taj Gibson spent four years in college and came out a seasoned basketball player.  James Johnson is very very talented but does not know how to play basketball in this league, yet.
  • Off the bench, Doc played Scal almost exclusively at the three, with Rondo and Eddie at the one and two, respectively, making one of the larger leaps in height from the two to the three that I can think of right now.  Another note on Scal, 0-0 from the field.  Very curious.
  • Great minute limits tonight.  KG 27, Pierce 25, Perk 22, Ray 30.
  • Rondo’s jumper won’t look good in the box score, but his makes are starting to look like they’re going in which makes me very excited to see him shoot more.  Only time will tell.
  • Salmons has to be so frustrating for Bulls fans.  He killed the Celtics with great outside shooting in last years’ playoffs and he just does whatever he wants now.

Okay, so that was short and I’m sorry.  I know I had more but it’s the weekend and you should be out- and so should I.

Bonus Bullet:

Ray’s NBATV post game malapropism:  “Dirk Nowitski and Peja Stojakovich are deadpan shooters.”  I’m giving the UCONN English department a call Monday morning.

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  • Matt

    So Rose shot 42 percent from the field and that is sooooo bad that you have to point that out in the article? 2 of those so called shots where drives were he got stripped and for some reason those are counted as shots. And the bulls got the ball back on both occasions, so his shooting percentage was closer to 47 percent. Granted the celtics won but pierce and house shot 33 percent and allen 40 percent. Now you don’t like miller for a handful of reasons which is respectable, but I ask you this. What should people make of rajon rondo who basically punched brad miller in the face last year and hip checked kirk hinrich into the scorer’s table for no apparent reason? I’m looking forward to your reply.

  • Brendan Jackson

    You can’t compare Rajon Rondo to Brad Miller in levels of toolness. It’s safe to say that Rajon Rondo had a game where he lost his cool and I won’t defend him for that. Brad Miller routinely acts the way I described. He’s always scowling at officials, he’s always throwing himself against the pad on the basket to fake an injury. He makes my skin crawl, because, what’s even worse is that he’s a talented player. He doesn’t have to be a total tool but he is. So frustrating.

    In terms of the Celtics shooting percentages, I mentioned that before I even wrote about the Bulls bad shooting. The Celtics didn’t shoot well across the board (minus KG).

    As for Rose. I assume you’re talking about the strips in the first half- one specifically where KG blocked it. After they showed the reply on TV, I’m not so sure Rose didn’t just lose it out of bounds on the double clutch over his head. His ball handling looked shaky in the first half, which really surprised me because Rose is an excellent ball handler and a very good player. Still, he hasn’t shot as well as he did last year this season and you can say, “those strips counted as shots” or “his shooting percentage should be higher” all you want but at the end of the day, the numbers don’t lie and you are what your record is. The Bulls played poorly last night and they are an 8-14 team.

    I assume you’re a Bulls fan. I would love to know how you feel about John Salmons and what you think is the big disconnect between last years’ team who was apart of that epic playoff series and this years team who’s fighting for 500.

  • dranen645

    if you guys remember last year they were a .500 team.

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  • Jason

    More idiot Bulls fans. First, on a play at the end of a playoff game, Rondo contested a would-be lay-up. He’s 12 inches shorter than Miller, so unfortunately our PG wasn’t able to block your center cleanly. Sue him. Second, Rondo was trying to get back on defense while Hinrich thought it was ok to block somebody past the three point line, nearly out of bounds even as the rebound was already cleared and Rose was taking it the other way. Rondo shedded Hinrich as needed. Third, the Bulls were a sub .500 team before the trade and a much better team after. Based on their record after the trade they could have been considered a 4/5 seed. After the C’s lost KG they could have been consider, hmm, also a 4/5 seed. So the teams were much more closely matched than their final season records indicated. But don’t let facts get in the way of your stupidity. Get over it. You guys played a scrappy series and are still bitter over it. MJ’s not walking through that door. Move on.

  • Matt

    First, the two rondo plays in the playoffs were definitely dirty plays so I’m not even gonna get in an argument with Jason on that. As for Brad Miller, I’ll admit he annoyed me when he was on the kings and also acts like a goofy white boy so I’m not gonna defend him. Obviously I am a Bulls fan and I’m not trying to argue the Bulls are good or are even close to the C’s. The Celtics talent level and coaching is much better than the Bulls. And not sure why Jason is bringing up MJ that is completely irrelevant and came out of no where.

    As for what I think is wrong with the Bulls. Missing BG is hurting us way more than I thought. No one can make a 3 to save their lives on this team and in turn is giving Drose limited lanes to work with. Also when teams go on runs the only person that can put the ball in the basket is Rose and he is not always aggressive. Salmons is not playing nearly to the level he did last year. And he is a ball hog and basically is a less noticeable larry hughes out there. Only thing he has done is play good defense and been aggressive getting steals all year. Pretty much just hoping VDN is fired as soon as possible and bulls can land Chris Bosh or STAT in free agency.

    One thing I’d like to say before I leave is the Celtics are not a team without their own tools. Eddie house thinks he is the shit and really all he can do is shoot the 3. KG is total asshole, but who cares as long as he brings home another championship. Rondo just annoys me to no end, but he is playing great and is a tough guard. Paul Pierce loves to fake like he is injured and then is ok 2 mins later. Like last night where he looked like he had a dislocated shoulder but never left the game. And that ridiculous playoff “injury” where he got wheeled off the court only to come back to the game showing no effects. Now saying that I have to point out the bulls have tyrus thomas who is the ultimate fake injury guy and then 5 seconds later is completey fine. And I’m sure every C’s fan will point out more tools on the Bulls and that the bulls suck. At least we all can agree that VDN is the worst coach in the league.

  • Matt

    I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the bulls have noah in the tool category. No need for an argument about anything there. All I can say he is actually producing for once this year.

  • Tom

    Noah didn’t do much yesterday. Rasheed made him look like a fool….

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