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It’s not new, but Ray Allen repeats his desire to stay with the C’s beyond this season, when his $19M deal expires. Here’s Ray talking to Peter May for Yahoo!:

”It’s a great situation here,” said Allen, who has not missed a game this season and is second in scoring and minutes, both to Paul Pierce(notes). ”I’m a loyal individual. I don’t look at it like, ‘what other teams have cap space and all that.’ My agent will keep me informed as to other potential situations, I’m sure. But this is what I know. My house is here in Boston. I want to do everything I can to make sure I stay here and finish my career out.”

I love Ray Allen. I attended the Kentucky-UConn game at Madison Square Garden last night (which I may write more about if I find some time—just an incredible atmosphere), and I was heartened to see a bunch of UConn fans wearing Allen C’s jerseys. Everyone loves Ray.

Anyway, he adds this:

”My family is comfortable here,” Allen said. ”My son with the diabetes, that’s important. Obviously, I want to be here.”

The question, already tired among these parts, is how much Ray is worth going forward. Peter May brings the speculation:

More likely is a deal along the lines of what Jason Kidd(notes) did in Dallas (three years, $25 million) or Steve Nash(notes) did in Phoenix (two years, $22 million), which at least captures the timeline, as Allen said he has every intention of playing two to three more seasons. Looking at him and watching him play, one can easily see that happening.

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    I don’t think people don’t give Ray enough credit..You could make a point that he has been just as instrumental in bringing a championship to, and maintaining a elite level of play in Boston as KG.. Yes I know KG brought the intensity and defensive state of mind, and P is our Captain(rightfully so), but I think Rays maturity, work ethic and overall personality is the glue that holds all of these volatile talents together..And he hasn’t missed much time at all despite the unfortunate health issues his son has been facing..Ray is a peg we can hang our hats on and be proud of in Boston and as Celtic fans(since i don’t live in Boston).. I hope he retires a Celtic, but not before I make it up there to see him on the parkay floor..

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    ray is the straight-up professional glue that holds this team of characters (i don’t mean that in a bad way at all) together. it will be a tricky dance for ainge….the other players won’t be happy if he goes cheap on ray but going big could seriously handcuff him. given ray’s desire to be here, the recession, and the Alist free agents available….my guess is outside offers won’t be the factor. the playoff results will determine the offer this summer.

    those proposed contract prices sound steep….from a purely on-paper/on-court perspective i think you could get better value for those kind of dollars. throw in 5 more mil and you could snag someone like joe johnson.

    question: celtics never comes up when talking lebron, bosh or dwade. with rays big number coming off the books….is it even a mathematical possibility?

  • nottotallynormal

    Nice guy. All-time great shooter. Defensive liability. Two years max as bench player salary.

  • charlie

    just tried customizing a celtic jersey with “shuttlesworth” on the back but it was one character too big. horrible.