Post-game Reactions

As we noted earlier in the week, Ray Allen is now 14 points away from becoming the 37th player ever to score 20,000 points (or 33rd on the NBA-only list). Here’s Ray reflecting on joining the 20K club, via Gary Washburn in the Globe:

“It’s one of those moments where you just always feel vindication for everything you’ve ever done,’’ he said. “All the people that said no you can’t or put something negative in your life and you turned around and made it positive. It’s always something that’s been reiterated to me that I have always been on the right path.

“And I always thought with the right mind at heart, I have been a good guy my whole life. I have been who I am and people always said nice guys finish last, so I always feel like I am an example of that, somebody who has worked hard. I had to fight for what I got. This is something you take into the next phase of your life.’’

He’s right. Congrats, Ray. Pierce will be joining you soon.

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