Post-game Reactions

The Herald’s C’s blog has an update on Marquis Daniels’ left thumb/hand, and apparently Marquis Daniels just can’t catch a break in practice. Doc Rivers has already said the physical nature of the C’s practices either caused or significantly worsened the pain in Daniels’ left hand. But he has played through it. 

And then Rajon Rondo threw a pass to Daniels in Sunday’s practice that was a bit too hard. Quoth Marquis:

“Nolan Ryan Rondo threw the ball in practice, I tried to catch it, and it just hit my thumb wrong and swelled up a little more,” said Daniels, who said he may have an MRI taken of the thumb and wrist tomorrow. “I had to sit down and rest it a little bit. I don’t remember how it happened. I just noticed that it’s been swelling the last couple of days. I wanted to keep playing, but Doc thought it would be best if I sat out and let it heal up.

“It affects me to a certain extent, but I’ve played through it,” he said. “I hope I heal quick. Hopefully it should be gone. It’s very frustrating. I don’t want to miss any time or any games.”

Cross your fingers about that MRI. Because if it’s bad, well, I don’t need to tell you who will get a lot of playing time should Marquis be out for an extended period.

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  • Chris B.

    I think the they should play the Michael Myer’s Halloween theme when TA comes into the game, because seeing him walking to the scorers table makes me feel like someone is about to beat me with a pick axe…

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  • Tony Allen doesn’t scare me that much…all he has to do is play defense, maybe dribble a little and not turn the ball over…OK SO HE SCARES ME!!! Lets give him another chance though he eventually starts to come around (that is right about the time he will get injured).

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