Post-game Reactions

The Spurs blog 48 Minutes of Hell has a typically thoughtful preview of tonight’s game that is really a comparison between the C’s and the Spurs. I’ll tease you with this, but head over and spend a couple of minutes reading the whole thing:

If these two teams were to meet in the Finals (we can dream), it would be like two old friends finding one another in college after spending high school six states apart. Both teams will grow too much between now and the end of the season for us to place too heavy an emphasis on this game. This is middle school cafeteria conversation. Puberty and girls and all kinds of growing up lie ahead.

The common denominator Tim sees between Boston and S.A.? Defense.

The SB Nation Spurs blog, Pounding the Rock, has a game thread ready that is worth your click for the image of KG and accompanying headline alone.

Enjoy the game.

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    Some things I thought about that game:

    (1) Beautiful to see ‘Sheed down low in the second and third quarters, taking advantage of much smaller players. Nice to see him take his first 3s only when the defense left him completely alone. Awful to see him get happy and jack up the next few in traffic. The lineup where he’s the big is interesting.

    (2) What is up with the defensive rebounding? When Anthony Bonner goes over the top of KG to grab boards, something is seriously, seriously wrong. Is it really just effort?

    (3) Isn’t Baby exactly the guy we need to contain players like Blair – energetic, beefy guys running 6’6 -6’8″? There’s nobody else on the 2d unit who can compete with them.

    (4) WTF was going on in the last few minutes with the refs and KP? Did I just miss it? Looked like he got seriously, seriously hacked a few times – once on a lay-in and once on a rebound attempt – and it wasn’t called.

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