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Some food for thought…

…if you like dining on bullets!

Okay but seriously, the Celtics couldn’t have asked for a better way to start a long road trip.  They win a tough one against a good team on Sunday at the Heat and they come up with a blow out tonight.  One look at the box score shows that Ray and Perk really carried this team, but this couldn’t be further from the truth- which brings me to my first bullet:

  • The Celtics starting lineup was a well-oiled machine tonight.  They kept the over-passing at bay, they got boards, and Ray hit open looks.  Seriously, if Ray hits his open shots, this is what happens.  How many times this year has Ray dribbled off a screen and pulled up for a quick contested three?  Once? Maybe twice?  When he hits his open shots, this team is deadly.  His play was definitely reminiscent of the Ray of old, at least in a Celtics uniform.
  • ‘Sheed’s three three’s? One was a make, one was a wide open miss, and one was in the waning seconds of the third.  Beautiful.  If ‘Sheed keeps up with this shot selection, again, the Celtics could be deadly.
  • KG versus Nazr Mohammed, you decide.  And by that I mean both who would win and who was at fault in that skirmish.
  • Perk is so solid.  He’s added so much to his offensive arsenal.  Last year he established his defensive prowess and started to get some well-earned credit.  This year may be his offensive coming out party.  I’ll be watching for it, who’s coming with me?
  • I know I said this road trip started out perfectly, but I guess I lied.  What about those minutes for the starters?   Did we really need Ray to play all those minutes?  I think J.R. or Hudson could have taken two or three of those minutes earlier in the game.  Honestly, I want to see Scal, Giddens and Hudson play.  Not only because I love seeing young players play beyond their means and grow before my eyes, but also because the more minutes they play, the more minutes the starters get to rest.  Donny Marshall called this type of thinking “Armchair commentating.”  His justification?  The little 10 point comeback the Bobcats had in the fourth.  He’s right, I wouldn’t put those guys in after the Bobcats go on a 10-0 run, I’d put them in when the C’s are up by thirty for long stretches during the game.
  • Mike Gorman calls Shelden Williams a “pleasant surprise.”  I wonder where he got that from.  (In case you’re wondering, yes I’ve contacted my lawyer and we’re going over options (no I didn’t))
  • Some great D on the big cats tonight: Stephen Jackson (4-13), Gerald Wallace (1-6).
  • Shelden Williams still has no hands and can’t move laterally, but he works so hard.

Okay guys, that’s it.  More from Zach soooooon.