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Doc on Rebounding: “Not a Crisis”

The C’s rank 25th in offensive rebounding percentage (a measure of the percentage of avaialbe rebounds they grab on offense) and 11th in defensive rebounding percentage (the same thing on defense)

Last year, they ranked 8th in ORB rate and 3rd in DRB rate.

In 2008, they ranked 18th in ORB rate and 8th in DRB rate.

Here’s Doc on the rebounding decline, courtesy of the Globe’s Frank Dell’Apa:

“We have to be a more physical rebounding team,’’ Rivers said. “We’re not going to jump over everybody, we’re not a great athletic team that way. And, sometimes, we rely on that and we find out during the game we’re not, so I think that’s something we have to do better.

“We’ve been up and down in that. Overall, those are things we have to get better at. I don’t think it’s a crisis, or anything.”

I’m already on record (several times) as being concerned about the C’s early rebounding numbers, though I agree with Doc that it’s not a “crisis” until a) we see if it sustains over a longer period; and b) we see if Big Baby helps the ORB numbers a bit.

That DRB number really needs to be in the top 10. The C’s front line is filled with great defensive rebounders (KG, Sheed, Perk) who have never been elite offensive rebounders. Not only that, but some evidence suggests that (for various reasons) veteran big men improve as defensive rebounders and see their ORB numbers decline as they age.

In other words: This team should be really good at defensive rebounding—probably better than 11th-best in the league.

Offensive rebounding is a different story. Their personnel suggests the C’s will continue to fare poorly there. The big question becomes: Can the C’s find ways to score when perimeter shots aren’t falling? Right now, they rate poorly in offensive rebounding and getting to the foul line.

Can they improve in either area?

  • Joel W

    I’m not sure it’s a big question as to whether they can win when they’re not hitting shots. I think the answer is no, but it’s like asking if the Red Sox could win games if they weren’t scoring runs. Well of course not, but they were good at scoring runs.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    The best defense is an offensive rebound. Defense does not have to start once the ball passes half court. If you get the offensive board you are absolutely denying the other team any chance at offense. From the old maxim, you can’t score without the ball. If you get the off. board & hit the shot then the other team has to inbound & go the full length of the court giving the D time to get back & set. It’s like the advantage of hitting free throws.

    The Cs should be getting more boards because they are making more of a concerted effort to go into the paint, thank God. Those closer shots mean Perk & KG can have higher fg% (last game, perfect from the field) & get to the line more. You see jump shooting teams all the team be on fire then go ice cold for stretches, but the post just flat out gives you ez shots.

    Perk is getting better & better, but I think Sheed looks like he has the best post moves. Other teams hate to see Sheed down in the post because he is so slick down there. I think maybe why Sheed hates the post is because he gets hacked a lot & sometimes misses the shot with no call from the refs—and we all know how he feels about that…

    Rondo & Quis are very good in the open court together. Quis is a fantastic finisher. He runs that slant & slashes to the basket with really nice stuff around the basket. Rondo is the best at getting people the ball in transition. Wonder if there is some way to take advantage of that? That bench has younger legs which should like to run more. Even Shelden runs the court well. Wonder if there is some rotation where you could have Paul playing point forward some (similar to Turk on Orlando last year) to give Rajon some time to take advantage of the benches younger legs ?

    I remember watching an interview done with Celtics coach, K.C. Jones
    once. He was angry. The reporter asked why. He said, ‘there is no way a rebound should ever hit the floor. That’s just a lack of effort.’ I see rebounds constantly, even last night, coming off the rim & actually bouncing on the floor before anyone gets to the ball. It’s like everybody goes into spectator mode. Rondo used to be really good at tracking those rebounds down, but sometimes now he looks like he is lost in spectator mode. I don’t ever remember that happening with Rodman. He was a beast. You could see that Rodman enjoyed rebounding. When teams treat defense & rebounding like chores then you get lackluster efforts.