Post-game Reactions

It’s Friday night and Thanksgiving weekend.  You’re not at home reading this.  You’re out with the friends you only see once a year when they come home to roost (get it, turkey, roost, no?  OKay).  The point is, I’m going to make this short.

Machine gun bullets (eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh):

  • Celtics put on an offensive clinic in the first quarter.  It was just too bad the Raptors nearly matched them bucket for bucket.
  • RA looks smooth from mid range.  I think the Celts may be best suited converting Ray into Rip.  At least until he gets his stroke from distance back.
  • Rondo makes a great ball fake move for a layup.  Drives in the lane with six seconds left abusing Jarret Jack, a bigger, stronger player.  Oh and he also throws the ball off of Calderon twice falling out of bounds.  I just love this kid.
  • RA’s first three hits the side of the back board. Buzz’s girlfriend….woof!
  • ‘Sheed is so long.  He hardly gets off the floor any more but gets boards and putbacks
  • Tommy makes a (racist?) comment about Bargnani eating spaghetti.  Reminds me of everyone’s grandfather.
  • ‘Sheed takes a good three within the offense and, surprise, he makes it.
  • Garnett is 1-2 for alley oops (the second defended well by Bosh).  Major props for getting up that high though.
  • Ray played the whole first quarter, but he’s playing well on both ends (great steal) aside from that three attempt, so it’s okay that Doc didn’t limit his minutes.
  • ‘Sheed gets a technical foul (surprise!).  But, it makes me wonder: what if every referee were replaced with petite, demur women.  You know just like the lines judge that Serena Williams terrorized.  I think players might actually hold their tongues a little more.  Or maybe not.  I would suggest that any referree working a C’s should wear a mask of Wallace’s mom.  He might be more polite.
  • Pierce’s first miss came with 1 min to go in the 1st half.
  • Did anyone see what happened at the start of the fourth quarter? I was watching 300 during the commercial and I missed whatever it was that made everyone so upset.  (I kid, I kid.  Are you kidding me? I haven’t see Pierce get up that high for a long time)
  • Ray Allen bypassed a wide open layup but Eddie hit a three so it was okay. It was actually better than it looked because he wa sin the air and hadn’t realized the post play didn’t come over to help on D.
  • Garnett shot the ball so well tonight (6-6) and the best part is, he shot a couple of turn around fade-aways (you know, his patented move that’s been missing for a while) over Bosh and not some scrub.
  • Rondo’s bounce pass through the lane to Daniels?  That is why he’s worth 11 mill per year.
  • The unit with Pierce, House, Daniels, Williams, and Wallace have no offensive chemistry.  Especially when Daniels isn’t handling the ball, but instead trying to exploit a mismatch with Jose Calderon guarding him, who coincidentally is a mismatch all the time considering he can’t guard anyone.
  • Pierce gets up twice in the fourth but his team plays him back onto the bench.  Great offensive clicking, mostly due to Ray Ray and Perk’s strong play.
  • ‘Sheeds interior defense tonight was lazy at best and awful, slow, and old at worst.  He continually let Nesterovic take uncontested little hook shots from three feet out and swiped at instead of contested layups on drives.  He reminded me of the old guy in a pickup game where his team is up by a lot.  Youc an’t get mad because you’re winning but you just kinda shrug because he’s not eanring the shots he jacks up on the defensive end.
  • How the H E Double Hockey Sticks did Garnett not get continuation on that foul on the alley oop.  It defies logic and may warrant a look by the league.  Again, awful refereeing on that play at best, Donaghy at worst.  (by the way, I think awfully questionable referree-ing should be referred to as Donaghy or pulling a Donaghy.  Kind of a taboo subject for the NBA but this is a blog right?)
  • Good the see J.R. get on the board.  He is long.
  • Lester turns the ball over but gets a steal.  All is right with the world.
  • Ooooo.  In the post game interview with Eric Dickerson, ‘Sheed calls Nesterovic, “Noss-ter-oh-vich.”  Maybe that’ show you pronounce and the players know better but I doubt it.  ‘Sheed should know his name considering he couldn’t guard him (or refused to).

So those were some haphazard musings, but it should satiate you until tomorrow.  I have to say, I love having nothing to worry about while watching a game, especially in the fourth quarter.

***Feel free to check for grammatical mistakes and the person who counts to correct number of verb tense changes wins a prize!***

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  • Micah

    first i love the donaghy dig that you put in…but how about Perk getting some love for going 8 for 8 tonight. this kid plus rondo could definitely be the face of the celtics after the new three era don’t you think?

  • Eric Dickerson, huh?

    Also, Sheed’s lack of D on the big N seemed to be more him choosing whether to defend the shot or stay on the ground for a better shot at the rebound. He’s too old and slow to do both now, so it looked to me like he was not going to get in his face, figuring he might miss anyway.