Post-game Reactions

Via the Herald’s Mark Murphy:

“His surgery has healed, but he’s had discomfort in his shins,” said Ainge, who holds weekly meetings with Garnett and team physician Dr. Brian McKeon. “KG wouldn’t be playing right now if he wasn’t confident, and he wouldn’t be playing if he was hurt.”

What’s unclear: Is the shin pain related to the recovery from the knee injury? We all know one injury can lead to another as players change the way they run and move to relieve pressure from the injured area—and inadvertently shift it somewhere else. 

Any doctors want to weigh in on Thanksgiving?

Oh, the piece also has an update on Tony Allen:

Rivers had raised the possibility of Tony Allen playing in his first game, but changed his mind.

“No, he’s not playing, and I don’t have a clue when he will,” said Rivers. “It’s not a relapse. He’s just not ready to play yet.”

That’s quite a 180-degree turn in 24 hours—from “he might play tonight” to “I don’t have a clue when he’ll play.” 

I wonder what happened? More than that, I wonder what exactly Tony Allen’s role is on this team. But that’s a post for another day.

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