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In the Herald, Doc sets up a minutes competition between Big Baby and Shelden Williams:

As for how Davis will fit in, Rivers said, “We’ll see. He could help us clearly, but Shelden (Williams) is doing what he does. So it’s a competition. Glen has to come back and win that job.

“Shelden’s a better rebounder. They’re probably equal shooters. I think Baby’s ahead of him defensively, because he knows all the rotations and stuff. I think it’s good. There’ll be good competition when Baby comes back.

I would have laughed at this a month ago, and my hunch is that Doc is posturing here—Big Baby is clearly a better player than Williams, knows the system and should be playing 20 minutes a game. I still believe that. Williams has been a nice mini-revelation, but his game will never have the offensive polish of Baby’s. Baby’s hands and footwork are naturally better, and he is a much more effective finisher on screen/rolls.

But give Shelden a ton of credit. He’s working his ass off on the block, and he’s shooting the jumper better than he ever has in his career. His FG% on jumpers so far this season is 47.1, according to 82games; Shelden has never finished a season with an FG% on jumpers higher than 35 percent.

Obviously, this is a small sample size—limited minutes in 14 games.

Is it enough to warrant a true competition with Big Baby?

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  • dmcgarve

    Its most definitely enough to warrant competition. Baby is the better player, but Sheldon is doin hard ass work for his minutes. So when baby gets back, those two competing for minutes can only be good for us.

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  • cmoney

    I’m laughing at you. Baby isn’t clearly the better player. I can’t believe how overrated this guy is. All evidence posts to really poor defense. His jumper is garbage. His rebound rate on both ends is abysmal. Kid just isn’t a player.

    Previous 2 years I laughed (cried) about Baby playing over Leon.

    Shelden fills a very specific need for this team whereas Baby is sort of like a way worse version of Rasheed.

  • @cmoney: We disagree. You have your points, I have mine, though I was with you on Leon last year until BBD’s jumper came around (and it did). Also: Baby’s ORB numbers are well above league average for PFs. You’re right on his DRB #s being pretty bad, though.

  • cmoney

    you’re right, his ORB% are solid (what’s league avg? Can’t find it. I’d guess somewhere around 8%), but they took a massive drop between his rookie and sophomore year, thanks to his propensity to take crappy jumpers.

    His jumper improved, but it’s still not lights out. Maybe my beef is with the coaches on this one. Taking your best offensive rebounders and pulling them away from the basket for mediocre mid range jumpers has a detrimental impact on the team.