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A couple items of interest tonight from around the web, these coming via Mike Petraglia of WEEI’s Green Street Blog

The first comes regarding Marquis Daniels left wrist. Mike Gorman had mentioned that the wrist may have been bothering Quisy for awhile during play by play of a couple Celtics broadcasts last week, but this was the first time I had seen in print, a reporter directly questioning Daniels about the injury. A couple blurbs from the piece:

When he was spotted again on Tuesday with heavy tape around his left [non-shooting] wrist, he made an appropriate cross-sport reference.

But ask him how he injured the wrist and Daniels struggles to remember.

“I don’t even know,” Daniels said after Tuesday’s practice. “I just realized it after the Indiana game. I was like something doesn’t feel right. You’re going to get it hit out here. That’s why I keep tape on it, to keep it protected. I can’t skate. I’m not going to try. I’m from Florida, I don’t even like ice.”

“I actually don’t know the answer,” his coach Doc Rivers added. “He hurt it, I think, all the way back in preseason if I’m not mistaken. He does bandage it more in practice than in the games. But lately, he’s going to that more in the games. I don’t think it’s anything where he needs surgery or anything like that. But it must be bothering him some or he wouldn’t be wearing it.”

Daniels said he’s not worried that the wrist could limit his offensive punch.

“I shoot layups anyway so I’m okay,” he said, all the while smiling. “It’s nothing. I’m okay. I can play, I can run. I still have my legs. I can move. I’m alright.”

A couple thoughts here on the wrist. First, glad to see that Quisy is a warrior out there on the floor, willing to battle through this ailment. The good news is also that the injury is to his left wrist and not his right, which had forced him to sit out through the final month of last season with Indiana.

Daniels’ wrist injury does explain a couple things though. First, we now likely know why Doc Rivers was handling off most of the ball handling duties to Eddie House, Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo with the 2nd unit these last few games. It’s hard to handle the ball with an injured wrist, glad to see Rivers being cautious with him there.

Check back with Celtics Hub tomorrow for a post on Daniels lack of offensive identity thus far and how the C’s may look to address this.

Finally, old friend Tony Allen looks to be ready to return Wednesday night in Philly according to reports from multiple outlets. I don’t really see how he gets back into the rotation with Daniels being essentially a better offensive version of TA, but if number 7 is hurt, you could see Tony grab a few minutes against an athletic team like Philly. I wouldn’t count on it though.

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