Post-game Reactions

From Chris Forsberg’s recap of today’s practice at ESPNBoston:

“I’m not going to answer any more knee questions,” said Garnett. “It’s getting old, OK? Y’all know what I’m dealing with here. I said it yesterday that no one in this league at this point — what 14 games played? — is 100 percent. Hell, I got worked on even when I didn’t have surgery, so it’s just the same rituals and stuff like that, not coming up with myths and all that stuff that’s coming up. I always get treatment before games, hell, you see Paul [Pierce] and [Rajon] Rondo get massages. My ritual is no different than that.”

An ill-timed follow-up question asked about Garnett’s knee.

“Next question,” he snapped. When none came immediately, he added, “Cool, then we done,” and departed.

I think I’m going to end my next meeting at work with that. “Cool, then we done.”

In other news, J.R. Giddens is awesome in one-on-one during practice. From Forsberg’s Twitter:

Picture 1

I can’t think of a better way to encapsulate Giddens’s young career.

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  • I have never doubted giddens talent and upside. He is long for his height. He plays very solid defense. His offensive skill set is impressive. However, your talent and skills can only get you so far. Giddens looks lost on offense…and only slightly less lost on defense. He has the physical skills tools and abilities and his game got him to the NBA…but if he can get a mental grip on the gAmes speed and toughness as well as the team concepts stratagies and plays I don’t see giddens in the NBA for long. One on one is what he did a whole lot of in college…that usually doesn’t translate well in the NBA. Lots of guys have the same fate ahead of them. Great talent very good college players and upside for days…..just never get it. Never quite learn how to play the game in the NBA. I see it as talent that was never controled or taught. That produces low basketball IQ’s. ie: giddens trade him while u still can danny…

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