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He’s not a tryant. He’s willing to listen. I love the stories in today’s papers about the final play in OT. Via the Herald:

“Well, I drew up a play and Paul says, ‘Coach, no, let’s not run that play,’ ” said Rivers. “He said, ‘Either I’m going to get to the basket or Kevin’s going to get a shot.’

“Sometimes a coach is a good listener, and on that one I was. Honestly Paul called that. I had a completely different play. It was a good thing because he saw it. And Kevin needed that shot. It was great. Kevin had shots all night; he just couldn’t make them. So it was great for him to make the shot.”

And the Globe’s version:

“Doc wanted to do some misdirection stuff,’’ said Kevin Garnett.

Pierce chimed in with a simple suggestion: Run a pick-and-roll for himself and Garnett.

Pierce chimed in with a simple suggestion: Run a pick-and-roll for himself and Garnett.

Not quite Jimmy Chitwood telling Norman Dale he’ll make the last shot in the Indiana high school championship game, but still pretty cool.

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  • Cptn Bubbles

    This same thing happened last year when the Cs were at Philly. I think they had been behind all game, & they had a chance to steal it in the end. Doc said he drew up a play & then was in the process of showing them a second play when the guys said, ‘no, let’s go with that first play.’ Paul got the ball in the final seconds (which I think is really smart), and Ray set a pick for Paul & then rolled to the corner. Both of Phillys guys stayed with Paul to stop the drive, & Paul passed it to Ray in the corner for a wide open game winning shot. I think Paul should have the ball in his hands & start the play just a couple of seconds earlier at the end of quarters. After that Philly game, Doc was smiling really big & gleefully praising ‘the guys’ for axing his 2nd play & going with the 1st. It is good that Doc is not some arrogant, I’m always right coach.