Post-game Reactions

Via the Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn:

Allen brought up an interesting point: Did Lewis test positive before the Eastern Conference semifinals, in which the Magic beat the Celtics in seven games? Lewis was tested once before the NBA Finals and then again during the Finals. He tested positive for DHEA both times.

“When did he take the drug test?’’ Allen asked. “Because if he took the drug test during our series, we’re supposed to be playing in the conference finals.’’

I’m not sure Ray’s question has ever been answered…I’m also not sure I care that much, since Lewis tested positive because of an over-the-counter dietary supplement he took (he says, at least) to combat fatigue. 

Do you care, or have we all just moved on?

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  • just move on, nothin we can do about it now

  • I care and so does Allen. He’s still bothered by our loss in that series..So am I. He has a valid point. Cheating is cheating! Weather it’s a Yankees pitcher an offensive lineman a sprinter swimmer sf or golfer. A rule is a rule even if it’s ignorant uninformed and stupid. It’s a rule reguardless. So yes we should have played in conferance finals based on that. Why his suspension waited till beginning of this season I don’t know. If it were the NFL goodell wouldn’t care what time of year it was… Playoffs or superbowl a player would be suspended reguardless.

  • Jesse

    it’s very true that the rules are there for a reason and it should of been in force then if that what really happened but even that where true and that put the celtics in the finals there is no way they would of beat the laker not without KG or even Leon Powe. both those injuries along with many others are what stopped them from getting number 18 not Rashard Lewis.

  • Peter

    Move on. It sounds like serious Sour Grapes to me.

    First, to say the Magic couldn’t have wound up beating them w/out Lewis just comes off as more whining a la “They couldn’t have beat us with KG”. There are many reasons the C’s los, but it’s a whole new season people. C’s lost. My God move on already.

    Second people are not paying attention. He was given a second test during the finals to cofirm the results. By the time they were in a spot to make any decisive call the C’s already lost. If anyone should complain it’s LA, who won anyway. Regardless of all that it was obviously a mistake and with a perfectly legal OTC product you can buy right now. He wasn’t shooting ‘roids ppl. That stuff didn’t change his game at all, and Allen is a moron for ignoring that the test he’s referring to was one of two needed before anything would be done. Nobody was ignoring a test result like he claims.

    What was the point of him even bringing that up now? Is he just upset the Magic won friday? How long are some C’s gonna cry they lost and try to whine about how they lost cuz of “fill in the blank”? You lost. Move on.

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  • beaner

    Matt, you should care…about using words correctly! lol
    whether, not weather…is it that cold in Boston?
    regardless, not reguardless…

  • I don’t care. The anti-steroid movement has gone way, way, WAAAAYYYYY too damn far. This is ridiculous, suspending players for things that AREN’T PDEs, just because there’s a theoretical chance they could possibly be used in relation to PDEs. Sports league policies are absurd and indefensible at this point, and this hysterical, knee-jerk overreaction is just as abhorrent and MLB’s refusal to address the issue in any way.

    People say, “the rules are there for a reason.” Sure, but it’s not a GOOD reason. And supporting the enforcement of stupidity just lowers you to the level of stupidity, I think Forrest Gump said it best. (And it applies to pretty much anything, not just stupidity.)

  • Jim_Merlino

    In my opinion the bigger issue is when the test was done and the results were known. If the NBA knew and sat on it is more important than the test itself. Sitting on the story to assure ratings (Kevin Garnett unavailable for finals) or for any other reason is the true crime . I trust the NBA management less than Congress.