Post-game Reactions

This game was a tough one to swallow.  After playing terrible for the first quarter, the Celts battled back “valiantly” only to have Vince Carter make terrible shot after terrible shot.  10 for 26?  Serious Magic fans, 10 for 26?  Honestly, you can have this game if it means Vince Carter plays the role of Chucker.

Unfortunately, Carter’s poor shooting percentage was one of the few positives about this game.  I was able to catch the second half with Brian Robb and our oft-mentioned friend JRO and we ended the game arguing over who had the better bench.  My take is that despite Sheed’s dreadful shooting, I like our bench more than Orlando’s.  Of course,  BRobb and JRo argued that Orlando’s bench depth is the best in the league.  Valid point, but whose bench played better tonight?  Fight it out amongst yourselves.

Now that I’ve given you some food for thought, on to more important things, like bullets:

  • Let’s get the obvious out of the way.  The Magic shot an unbelievable 46% from three and the Celtics only made one the whole game.  You’re not going to win any game shooting that poorly from behind the arc given how much this team loves the three.
  • The Celtics version of fourth and two:  Ray Allen trying too Shake his defender and just leaving the ball behind.  Ouch.  Just Awful… Game over at the point, although Brian will tell you it was much earlier as he jumped up and proudly proclaimed it over when Scal missed that three in the fourth quarter.
  • What’s up with the slow starts offensively.  It looked like the C’s got up for this game, got good looks in the first quarter, and made good decisions.  KG just couldn’t connect on anything, missing his first five shots.  It’s really hard to dig out of a hole like that and thanks to the bench (seriously look at their +/-) they were able to claw their way back.
  • Did anyone see that play in the first half where Paul dribbled down the right baseline and Marquis made an excellent  cut down the lane for a wide open layup?  I have to watch it again to see if there was an off ball screen on ‘Quis’ man but regardless it was beautiful.
  • You can tell him all you want but ‘Sheed is not going to stop jacking threes.  If he’s open, I don’t mind, but even though he’s tall enough to shoot over almost everyone, it just looks bad if he misses a shot with a hand trying to contest.  Such a momentum killer, at least in terms of my comfort level while watching.
  • Celtics D made an appearance in the fourth quarter, anyone see it?  “Quis made  a nice steal and outletted it to Ray for a layup.  Which reminds me, I love how Ray is going strong to the hole lately.  It bodes so much better for this offense.  He’s finally broen out of the thought that his only role is to be a spot up shooter on this team.
  • Want to know what happens when ‘Sheed runs the pick and roll and doesn’t fade cut to the arc, but rolls to the hoop?  Layups happen.  I want to sit ‘Sheed down and make him watch that over and over again until he realizes how amazing that could be.
  • This bullet list couldn’t be completely without mentioning the embarrassing dunk Howard had on Perk in the first half.  Even though there was no contact, something had to have been hurt.  Pride at least.
  • What’s worth Rondo and Perk sitting for most of the fourth?  Interesting move by Doc here and I’m not sure how wise it was.  I keep going back and forth on it, but I think I’ll defer to Brian on this one.  Brian, take it away:
  • I don’t care if you hate the Magic with everything you have, you got to love Pietrus’ fan interaction.  Head rubs, asking if the man and the women sitting next to each other were together.  I love a good clown, or should I say Tartuffe?  Well anything by Moliere really.

Brian taking over here to wrap things up. A couple items of note: Rasheed Wallace 4 of 16 from the field, and 0 of 8(!) from downtown. Yet I’m not that upset with the shot selection since he finally was crashing the glass, and making strong moves to the hoops for the first time consistenly in a Celtics uniform. Sure he still shot too much, but the C’s getting active on the glass kept them in this game despite their terrible shooting (35 percent from field)

A lot more analysis to come tomorrow, but I’m not going to get too negative on this one, since the Celtics defense was there the final 3 quarters. For the C’s to be in this game, while shooting 10 percent from downtown was a victory in itself. Down the stretch, the C’s couldn’t get execute and the Magic did, it was that simple. Teams have off shooting nights and you aren’t going to beat Orlando when you don’t. They are a good defensive team as well and give them credit for coming and establishing themselves. However, I like the C’s chances in the future when the C’s turn the Magic into a one man show with Vince Carter playing the role of AI.

Much more to come tomorrow from us and Zach Lowe

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  • Micah

    hey guys this game was truly ugly…but my question is when did the C’s become a team so dependent on the three…there was a possession in the four were the C’s missed like four 3s in a row and got the offensive boards only to miss yet another 3…i mean there was time why not set up a 3/4 pick and roll with pp and kg while sheed drags howard out to the perimeter to clear him out the paint. i thought that was our bread and butter play

  • Cptn Bubbles

    This game was not totally bad. There was a fighting spirit there. Something to build on. The Cs fought back. There was some hard play but not always smart play.

    Ray Ray is a proven, bona fide shooter. Hitting 50% tonight. Ray got 10 shots! What is up with that? He must wake up screaming after witnessing so many ugly shots knowing he only got 10. The Cs are terrible at getting the ball to whoever is hitting the shots. Sheed took that last 3 after his fantastic steal while Ray was wide open on the other side of the court. I wanted to beat my head against the wall. Their motto is take the open shot not take the best shot or get the ball to the best shooter. I don’t know if they are oblivious to who is shooting well that game or if they are just taking the path of least resistance getting the ball to the open 1-9 man– not registering that he may be ‘open’ for a reason. Surely, the Cs have baited certain other players on the opposition to take certain shots. This can’t be a new concept.

    Despite killing themselves from the 3 pt line & acting as if Pietrus is some stiff, the Cs had a chance to win. After the way Pietrus played in those final games last year, it was a real shock that there was such a lack of respect for Pietrus’s 3pt game. Hello Deja Vu all over again.

    Sheed is so good around the paint. Why does he not feel & understand that? KG could dunk the ball or at least draw a foul dunking the ball, but instead he wants to shoot the 2ft…1ft…6inch…1millimeter jump shot, why? Throw it down big man! Even if it clangs off the rim, we will love you all the more for such ferocity!

    Recognizing who has the hot hand, Discretion on 3s, & Having a post game at the very top of my offensive Christmas list. Please Santa……

    Very impressive rebounding tonight. Offensive boards 14 to 7! Way to fight Cs!

  • Dave Jackie

    I think the Celtics still are a title contender, they have the size on the front line to play against the top teams like Orlando, L.A, Clevland, Atlanta, Denver. The problem the C’s face is they are an old team, they struggle offensively because their go to guys are on the wrong side of 30’s. When you look at the Lakers, I know it’s early, but the C’s can’t beat LA without home court.The Celtics are a superior defensive team than the Lakers or Orlando, that is how the C’s stay in games and don’t get blown out without going 1/10 from 3’s like tonights game. Honestly the Celtics probably won’t come out of the East this year. The East this year is much better with quality teams than the east the year the Celtics won the title. Again it’s early but you can see how things are unfolding this year in the nba.

  • Conall Mac Michael

    The Headline said it all really,,,,, Ugly. This being the first Celtics game that I was able to watch live this year, as opposed to watching the highlights, I was really disappointed. It certainly was not worth staying up until half 3. The game, while being very ugly, wasn’t soul destroying as there was good stuff to build on. I personally couldn’t believe the putrid shooting from deep. Was it 2/18? That’s criminal. I also don’t understand why Ray isn’t used more in isos. Maybe it’s just me. Overall not too worried by this loss. Just won’t being staying up to all hours anymore if they continue to play like that.

  • urbeltic

    Something is wrong with KG…there was a moment where DH was cruising down the lane and KG was coming to help and…I thought KG was either going to attempt a nasty block or give DH a major beat down hard foul. Kind of like a “this is my house” kind of thing. Instead, he weakly got out of the way and got run over and was charged for a block. I know KG is still taking it easy, but when I saw that I realized just why this “superior defense” aint so superior anymore. We’ve seen more bad D games then good ones…and I’m not sure why we should expect more.

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  • Vince Will RULE YOU

    Vince did play the role of AI and your team lost. Again. To another contender….

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