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77058154DS016_CELTICSTWOLVESKevin Garnett had an interview this morning on WEEI’s Dale and Holley program and for the first time seemed to go really indepth in talking about coming back from his knee injury this past offseason: A transcript of his response, courtesy of WEEI’s Green Street Blog:

Dale: I’m wondering if fear is the right word to use when you had a major injury for the first time in your career. When you didn’t know what was going on, were you fearful at all about what was going on in there?

KG: I fear God and I fear my mother, that’s about the only thing in life, other than that it was just straight up pain. At one point I thought it was something that I could play through, I knew when I got home and when I was in my own personal space, that’s when I knew it was something serious. Walking up steps, sitting down, laying out on the floor, stretched out on the floor, my leg was constantly bothering me.

And you’re talking about a lot of activity, so when I really started to take it serious and the more I got educated on what was going on, that’s when I started to make decisions health wise, what was best for me. I was running like I was running with a peg leg, and Doc in practice was like, this is terrible to watch. My effort, I pretty much through was there, I tried to come back, play a couple games, I knew that I was hurt, I knew that I was really hurt, but I was trying to grind through it, trying to give Paul and the rest of these guys some support.

But I just knew at the same time I was probably making it worse by playing. I had a very, very, very rare injury, obviously bone spurs but the size of the spur was pretty irregular, and pretty dramatic. It wasn’t until I got to see it then I took it a lot more serious, but until that point I was built off hard work and dedication to your craft. I haven’t changed that since I got here, I’ve always felt like mind over matter, you know the mind tells the body, but at some point the mind has to listen to the body.

So I just sort of zoned out, did all they did for treatment with all these different kind of people. Everybody got their therapy answer for you, and obviously it didn’t work for me. So I had to do the only logical thing which was to actually get cut and go in, but it was a blessing in disguise because I learned a lot not only about my injury, but about my body and how it works and vitamins, and certain things you gotta put in it to balance certain things out and I just got more educated on this whole thing, being hurt and getting surgery, you know that was my first time going through that.

Coming back, just fighting through it, grinding through it, just another obstacle but something I can definitely apply to my everyday life and use it to say you know I got through this hurdle, got though these hurdles to get here, this is another hurdle in my life.

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Brian Robb

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  • Jason

    This just pisses me off. He knew he was seriously hurt, but came back anyway. I still blame him and every other decision-maker in the organization for all their stupidity in this matter. Let’s stop bringing this issue up; it’s just gets me irate all over again.

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