Post-game Reactions

Just some quick thoughts to satiate you before Zach’s carefully wrought with statistical furor recap.

As the title suggests, this game was anything but a blowout.  It was actually a pretty scary game up until halfway through the fourth quarter.  For a team who only dressed eight guys, whose eighth guy had a broken wrist, and who just played a tough game against Cleveland the night before- they really shouldn’t have been in this game.

  • The first half was awful.  It really echoed Perk’s sentiment about how there was a lack of focus at practice.  It’s almost as if the Celtics are trying to take every opportunity to take a game off.
  • Awful defense and terrible rebounding for the first half.  In no way should this Warriors team out rebound anyone.  I’m sorry, it just shouldn’t happen.
  • I like how Doc subbed Giddens in early in the first half.  Honestly, against a team like the Warriors, if the C’s aren’t making shots anyway, you might as well let the young legs get some run.  I’d like to see more Hudson, Giddens, and Walker.  Why not?
  • While the Warriors hung around for most of this game, I kept saying to myself, “if the Celts could just get up by five, I think they can pull away.”  Sure enough, halfway through the third quarter, the C’s get up by five and really never looked back.  Still it wasn’t pretty.  There were five possessions in the third quarter where the Warriors essentially gave the ball right back to the C’s by either taking bad shots or turning the ball over and the Celtics couldn’t capitalize on a single one of them.
  • While I feel like the Warriors lulled the Celtics into their style of play in the first half, toward the end of the third quarter the Celts were back jacking bad shots.  It doesn’t take a ton to get Eddie House or Rasheed Wallace trigger happy.  Particularly, on two possessions, Rondo makes a terrible cross-court pass in transition that was picked off last week and then the Celts get a board and Pierce takes a terrible transition three.  Just bad basketball.
  • Nice block ‘Sheed.  Ball Don’t Lie.  Enough said.
  • Rondo hit his first three.  Chris Paul who?
  • Tommy Heinsohn says, “Yesssirr” to Rondo’s three.  Hilarious.
  • House and Wallace take some terrible threes but then Eddie digs himself out of the hole by making some key shots to really stretch the game out.  Set your feet Eddie and don’t worry about where they are, as long as it goes in, it’s all good.
  • It was nice to see Ray Allen just abuse Stephen Curry.  It was like watching vintage Ray Allen on ESPN Classic.
  • No Bill Walker.  Is he hurt?  Did I miss that news bulletin?
  • Scal hits a jumper and then falls hard on his face.  I’d say he came out about even.

That’s all I got.  Short, sweet.  Feel free to disagree.

Oh and how do you like that score prediction in the preview? Huh? Huh? Pretty close…

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