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KG Remains Unfriendly

If you want to know why people hate KG, just read the Globe today.

Garnett wasn’t exactly welcoming to Pacers rookies A.J. Price and Tyler Hansbrough when he visited Indianapolis this summer to film a Wheaties commercial. As Garnett exited Conseco Fieldhouse, Indiana assistant coachLester Conner asked him to walk over and meet Price and Hansbrough, who were working out. Garnett wasn’t exactly friendly. According to Conner, Garnett continued to walk out and remarked, “[Expletive] your rookies.’’ Said Price, laughing, “That pretty much let me know where I was at on the totem pole. I thought I was going to have a chance to talk to him for a second so I can say, ‘What’s up?’ and introduce myself. But I guess he shot that down real quick.’’

I mean…this is sort of ridiculous, no? Let me state for the record that I don’t “hate” KG and that I think people who “hate” him because of his on- and off-court antics are missing what a wonderful player he has been for the last 15 years. And I also get that he is a hyper-competitive athlete who may feel the need to behave in anti-social ways in order to maintain a mental edge. A mental edge he may need more as he ages.

Still: I can’t really see the harm in shaking A.J. Price’s hand, saying hi and accepting a minute of adulation. It just seems to be the…human thing to do, you know?

  • PJ

    KG has said in the past that he has a hard time going up as intensely as possible against people with whom he’s friendly — e.g., IIRC, Tim Duncan. If silly stuff like this is partly how he stays ridiculously competitive, I, as a fan, have no problem with that.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    You can see before a game that KG looks like he is getting angry to help push himself to play harder, to fuel himself. If he wants to be the mean Joe Green of the basketball court more power to him. I’m sure we have all felt angry at some point in our lives, & it has fueled us to do something or get something done. I would much rather see KG fired up & angry with no hand shaking, no chit chatting, no politicking than to see him playing nicey nice & passive. Come to think of it, I would love to see some old fashioned, no layup, Charles Barkley knocking you on your behind basketball. You may get a technical, but some techs are psychologically worth it.

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  • Keep in mind, though, that this is in the off-season, and KG is (reportedly) saying “F your rookies” to an assistant coach. I mean…this wouldn’t normally be acceptable social behavior, right?


    Yeah he’s way out of line there. Good job on keeping your peeps in check Lowe.

  • Let me second that…. “F*%# YOUR ROOKIES!!” seriously I’m tired of all these people (fans coaches players reporters) thinking this should be a friendly game! It’s competition! Why should KG like anyone other than guys on his team! Man I miss the 80’s & 90’s! Remember knicks vs pacers or knicks vs heat? Pistons vs bulls? Anyone? I don’t like guys who go hug a player from another team either b4 or after a game…hell anytime during the season except the allstar game is unexceptable! I wish all the celtics were like this…. F*^# your teAm, players coaches and fans!

  • Green17

    No, not ridiculous. Why does KG have to be besties with rookies on other teams?


    Matt, F*#$ their rookies?!!? F&^% you mother!! How’s that for nice? Athletes need to show good sportsmanship. Now with fans it’s a different story, so once again F^#% your mother. (Sorry Lowe)

  • KG is the man. He keeps it real at all times. Maybe he just doesn’t like floppers? Idk about price but Hansbrough is quite the flopper. There is nothing wrong with what he said. Maybe it’s a way for KG to stay competitive. And honestly i agree with Garnett.

  • Pacers Fan

    If true, classless remarks from a typical uneducated thug. Must have forgotten he was a f*cking rookie once. I’ll be rooting for another beatdown from the Lakers or better yet another knee injury.

  • WizFan

    i understand if he doesnt want to be friendly, but being friends and saying hi to two rookies is totally different. and saying eff your rookies is absurd. 45 years in the league, he should be able to balance being cordial with competing.

  • hey lakers fan you can;t say anything when your beloved Kobe is a rapist!

  • BigWay

    Just look at the picture of KG with this story.

    the guy is nothing more than an ignorant street thug who happens to be really good at playing BB.

    anyone doubt that he would have spent his entire life in and out of jail if he hadn’t been a player.

    Great player, human being, not so much

  • Debe

    KG quit on the rookies like he quit in Minnesota. A loser no matter who he plays for.

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  • Bob

    Fuck your rookies Indiana. Word KG.

  • RE: Hey KG!

    Try proofreading next time. “I’ve heard GOT things…” c’mon, you sound like Kevin Garnett. Also, Kevin Garnett can’t read.

  • I have a theory

    Kevin Garnett lost the ability to read when he was trapped inside that basketball in the award winning gatorade rain commercial. What award did it win? Kevin Garnett couldn’t tell you, because Kevin Garnett can’t read.

  • Peter Stein

    Come on — you people have no issue with this behavior?

    This isn’t that idiot Garnett getting pumped for a big game. It happened in the summer, and it just goes to his selfish state of mind.

    I’m sure if he went up to a former Hall of Farmer as a rookie himself, and the HOF player had ignored him, or given him that same response, he wouldn’t have been as gracious as A.J. Price was.

    Garnett couldn’t lead a team to a ring if his life depended on it. Give him the big asterisc for winning a title with two other future Hall Of Fame players, against a team without their center.

    Very impressive, Kevin.

  • Peter Stein

    It wasn’t a game, Matt. Learn to read.
    Do you talk to people you work with, like that?

  • Peter Stein

    And Garnett isn’t the Studio Gangsta for nothing.
    Watch him back his ass down when someone his size stands up to him.

    Watch him closely — he’s always yapping at the smaller players.

  • Zach Fleer

    This is really bad sportsmanship and just social behavior. Why not say hi to the rookies? I understand the competitive nature but Indiana isn’t challenging the Celtics this year and it’s not KG is going in there and telling Hansbrough and Price their gameplan. That’s just bad character, if LeBron had done this, all of ESPN and the rest of the nation would be on his back and we all know that.

  • Bryan

    IF Kobe or Lebron had done this you Bahston fans would be tearing him up.

  • bbfan

    Totally unsportsmanlike, I have never had much respect for KG as a person, but as a bb player no doubt he is good

  • Rob

    F’ yo’ rookies.

    Done. KG is the man.

  • jacob

    some of the responses here are just as classless, if not more so…

  • Nico

    f*** KG, man!
    what an ignorant a**hole. i don’t even like the pacers but still I find this to be unacceptable behavior.

  • Have no problem with Garnett’s rudeness? Then F*** you too.

  • Stories are made to create hype good or bad KG is’nt an as…. we all no that in Boston and all over the league one guy says one thing!

  • Connor

    KG’s no street thug. Just cause he’s black and used to be poor doesn’t make him a “street thug.”

  • charles arnsby

    Generally, you don’t have to be an a-hole to be competitive. I have always been and will always be a Boston Celtic enthusiast.

  • Javier

    I still love the fact that Laimbeer and Isaiah didn’t shake the Bulls hands or Jordans for that matter. It was not the same as saying *&%$ the Rookies… but to this day Jordan will always know he had to get to the Pistons level on his own!! He had to compete and earn it…

  • Lisa

    As good as a player KG is, I think he should show some sportsmanlike conduct both on and off the field. This is the exact same reason why people have a problem with Lebron. Yes, they’re stars, but don’t forget—it’s the fans who admire and love them so much but is also part of why they’re being paid the salaries they get.

  • Some1

    Take the tampon out and grow a pair.

  • Steve

    I think it’s kind of dick on KGs part. I mean, he’s a legend toward the end of his career, and he thinks he’s too good to take a second out of his day to say hi to the next generation of NBA players?
    I agree with the others who say that this isn’t normal socially acceptable behavior.
    Also, these guys probably loved KG when they were growing up. Imagine having a chance to meet someone you really admire, only to have them say “F*ck you”

  • JBiz

    I’m a huge KG fan, since he came outta high school, BUT I HATE the CELTICS!! (but i love Red Aurbach) So f**k their rookies too. The Celtics of old, are just the old Celtics,…the Magic will put them to rest for good this season,…sorry Rondo. Maybe u can play another 15 seasons ’til your next championship comes around. And Hansborough & AJ Price aren’t neccessarily Chris Bosh, and D-Wade, from the 03 draft. Not at all…

  • Jazzman

    This is what happens when sports stars get full of themselves.

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