Post-game Reactions

Pace: 92 possessions (medium-slow)

Offensive Efficiency: 114 points/100 possessions (league-leading)

Defensive Efficiency: 124 points allowed/100 possessions (off the charts bad)

One note about this: Take it with a grain of salt when you hear and read today that the C’s can’t deal with running teams. The Pacers game last night featured a number of possessions (92 by my math, 94 at Statsheet.com) that is closer to what the C’s average (91) than what Indy averages (somewhere between 98 and 100, depending on which stat system you use). 

That doesn’t necessarily mean that running teams don’t present problems for an older, slow-paced team like the C’s. Maybe running teams take better advantage of Boston’s (always plentiful) turnovers. Maybe they push harder to get the ball across midcourt, forcing the C’s to sprint to put their halfcourt defense in place and force the Pacers to eventually use more shot clock. 

Just don’t reflexively believe that last night’s game was some Paul Westhead-level shootout. Because it wasn’t. The Pacers just torched the Celtics defense in every way.

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