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Picture 1I went to a Knicks pre-season game a few weeks back, and when my buddy was in the beer line, I got bored and answered one of those text message trivia questions they  put up on the giant scoreboards before games. (I think the answer was John Starks. I don’t know the question, though it probably wasn’t “Which Knick had the worst Game 7 shooting performance in the recorded history of Earth?”).

In any case, by answering that question I entered myself into some sort of Knicks database through which I receive updates I don’t want but am too lazy to opt out of receiving.

I got one yesterday at 5:30, about two hours before the Knicks tipped against Utah at MSG. It was an alert telling me I could get tickets with a face value of $60.50 for just $20 for tonight’s game and Wednesday’s match-up against the Hawks. You had to present some code the box office or call a phone number.

Somehow, I doubt this was happening in 2007, even though the Knicks were terrible then, too. If this was run-of-the-mill stuff even in good economic times, let me know—that would be interesting. But I seriously doubt it.

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  • I was watching one of Milwaukee’s first couple of games on League Pass and they were advertising tickets for their home opener for half-price. All tickets to the home opener, half-price, a couple of days prior. That’s a bit nuts, no?

    I’ve also soon a bunch of deals like “Student Night, $10 for an upper bowl ticket if you have student ID”. Was this normal a couple of years ago?

  • i paid 45 bucks to go to the bucks celtics game last year and it was damn near court side, it was amazing

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