Post-game Reactions

People seem to care about this feud. I think it’s being overblown beyond belief, but if you care, here are some new details, courtesy of two great NBA reporters.

First, Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo!:

The procession of trash talk, sources said, pushed into the personal when Rondo was heard to tell Paul, “I’ve got a ring, and you’re never gonna win one.”

A jerky thing to say? Absolutely. But, my god, do people remember the things Larry Bird used to say on the court? In any case, Ray Allen, one of the game’s great statesmen, entered the Hornets locker room and “all but expressed embarrassment” to the Hornets after the game for Rondo’s “increasingly tired act,” Woj reports. (The quotes are Woj’s words). I’m not sure what “all but expressed embarrassment” means, but it probably sounds something like an apology.

The focus is all on Rondo’s “attitude” and “feistiness” and whether he crossed some sort of line with Paul. Again: Larry Bird said things on the court that would make my mother blush, and he is lionized for it now.

Oh, and by the way: Isn’t there some chance that CP3 is a little over-sensitive right now because he’s stuck on a mediocre team which is in turn stuck with an overpaid third banana (Emeka Okafor) for the next half-decade? Wait—did I hear CP3 punched Al Harrington last night?

Via the great Alan Hahn at Newsday:

Chris Paul’s altercation with Celtics guard Rajon Rondo in Sunday’s game in Boston is being reviewed by the NBA, according to an NBA source. And the league might also consider reviewing Paul’s actions during a third quarter scramble for a loose ball with Knicks forward Al Harrington.

What happened? Harrington apparently took out CP’s legs diving for a loose ball, CP fell on top of Harrington and fired off what Hahn calls a few “jabs” during the mini-scrum.

Sure sounds like CP3 is a little testy lately, doesn’t it?

I implore everyone: Let’s just please move on.

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  • Joe

    Does anyone else remember CP punching an NC State player below the belt in the ACC tournament? This isn't exactly something new for him…

  • jonathan

    I have to disagree with the idea that this is not a big issue. The Celtics just made Rondo their franchise point guard for the foreseeable future and I, if I was a Celtics fan, would be concerned with the continued stories coming out on his lack of maturity and the continued exasperation of his teammates and coaches at his behavior. Rondo's behavior and (lack of) maturity have been issues going back to his college days and there seems to be little growth since then. He's talented without a doubt, but I'm not convinced that he has or will ever have the intelligence and maturity to effectively lead a team in this league, which the Celtics are going to be paying him a lot of money to do so in a year or two as Garnett, Pierce, and Allen wind down their careers.

  • missjmoxie

    Adrian’s article seemed a little (or more than a little) biased. Obviously, both Rondo and Paul were “wrong” (though I wonder, since when is trash-talking considered wrong?), but I thought it was unfair that he attributed Rondo’s “wrong” words/actions to cockiness/arrogance/immaturity but attributed Paul’s to passion.

  • j o h n

    cry me a river. since when is rubbing it someone’s face that you have a ring & they don’t making it personal? childish and trash talking it was mind you, but it’s not like he made fun of his mother or something.

  • minjam

    Even as a Lakers fan, this Rondo story is overblown. So he trash-talked a bit after the game? So what? This is only a big deal cause of Rondo’s off-season stories.

    As much as I love your game CP3, you gotta get over it. You’re frustrated/annoyed/embarrassed with your team and with only 4 games into the season, you realize it’s going to be a looooong season for you and the Hornets.

  • Thank you for finally saying that it could be Paul's fault. I've always considered him a little punk but for some reason the media looks the other way when he's involved.

  • KC

    Let the league review the Rondo v CP thing. Maybe they feel they have to because someone had to be restrained and it occurred after the final buzzer. Lets call it due diligence by the league. They'll find nothing. Then we can move on.

    Bird was tough, and had a dry sense of humour. Rondo (love him as a player) comes off a little spoilt and full of himself. Yeah, he has a ring. Some class would help that ring shine brighter.

    Every article or news clip i have read makes it sound like Rondo has something to be worried about or was in the wrong. Maybe RR did mouth off. But i doubt he has anything to worry about in any review. If anything its CP3 who might have approached a line by heading for the celts locker room. But he didnt cross a line. Let the league find that out. CP3 has more to fear from any review and i doubt CP3 asked for the review.

  • MannyP

    Trashtalking is not instigating. Unless Rondo said something deeply personal and outrageous about CP3's mom, the only guilty party here is CP3. The ONLY reason the league is looking into this is because of the two Rondo altercations in last year's playoffs. That's it. But from where I watched this, CP3 is at fault. Take taunting like a man.

  • I love rondos choice of words. He should have said:

    "I have a ring and I'm bout to get my second! How bout you? YeAh, good luck wit that chris!" name me one player besides AI(practice!) That wouldn't sacrifice his own game for a chance to win ringz!? Rondo could score more and have more steals rebounds etc but he does what the team asks him too. Chris Paul is a player I respected and liked since he was in HS…I give him the benifit of the doubt usually. But he is just as much to blame for this as rondo. The biggest issue I have is with ray appologizing! I miss 80's and 90's NBA! Physical, trash talking that would have to be repented for at the end of each week! No week tech's! Todays NBA is soft! I don't want jungle ball but this is silly. Next time rajon wear your ring when u play cp3! And if he acts up leave him with the ring imprint on his face from a back hand!