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And it Begins: The Rondo Era

UPDATE: Rondo and the C’s agree to a 5-year, 55 Million dollar contract, according to Yahoo!  Again—this is at the upper tier of my personal Rondo ballpark ($9M-$11M) and it’s a fair deal.

An $11M/year deal will pay him the same as Monta Ellis and just a tad shy of Steve Nash’s average salary ($11.7M) over the next three seasons. He’ll get less than the max or near-max guys (Gil Arenas, Chris Paul, Deron Williams), less than Baron Davis ($13M) and Tony Parker ($13.5-ishM) but considerably more than the next tier down—Devin Harris ($8.8M), Jose Calderon ($8.9M), Mo Williams ($8.9M) and T.J. Ford ($8.5M).*

All salary figures here are the average of the next three seasons.

For someone who can’t hit a jump shot, Rondo got a very, very fair deal. Congrats, Rajon. We’ll enjoy watching through the middle of the next decade.

In other words, this is about right, and, if anything, a bit of a reach for the C’s. Just a bit.

But it’s official: The team is hitching its future to Rajon. We’ll have more on what this means for the C’s salary cap going forward later today.

  • urbeltic

    Its going to be very interesting in years 4 and 5 of that contract when PP, KG, and Ray Ray are doing play by play for TNT.

  • Love it for Boston. Great value, a bargain in my view. PG is probably the most important position, especially at the defensive end, and this guy is a stud. Aldridge gets $70 million, so this is a bargain.

  • Still enjoying #17

    signed, sealed, and delivered. We can now refocus on this championship run…..and it is a championship run.

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