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A Good Thursday morning to everyone out there. No doubt the C’s are enjoying it,  after a 33 point stomping of the Charlotte Bobcats. First, be sure to check out Zach Lowe’s recap and notes from last night’s blowout win.  

Some links from The Boston Globe. First Doc with an update on couple words on Big Baby in the Celtics Notebook

He had surgery Tuesday, the same day he issued a statement apologizing to his fans, teammates, and coaches.

Coach Doc Rivers said Davis has yet to address the team.

“He’s got plenty of time,’’ Rivers said.

“He made a mistake,’’ Rivers said. “I was mad at the mistake, but he’s still a part of our team. You get upset at your kids and they’re still in the family.’’

Baby just has to be happy this incident happened right before the season started, which takes a lot bit of the attention on it, as opposed to last week where the story would have been in the headlines for days. Here’s hoping he comes back more motivated than ever.

Next we have some words from Perk regarding his and the team’s defensive prowess:

“I was trying to do deep post-ups, trying to post up a little bit more,’’ Perkins said. “It [his offense] wasn’t there, really. I was rushing a little bit, didn’t really have a flow on offense. But I thought my defense was pretty solid, so that kind of made up for it.’’

Perkins blocked four shots in just more than 26 minutes of playing time. Garnett had three blocks in just less than 26 minutes. Charlotte had its lowest point total ever.

“That’s like a goal, that’s something we can actually be happy about,’’ Perkins said. “We take pride in defense. Like everybody’s been saying, we’re trying to be the best defensive team in history. I just feel as long as we come in, night in and out, and play defense, we’ll be all right. We’ve got a team that can score points, no matter who’s shooting bad, or whatever. I just feel like if we play ‘D’ and be consistent on the defensive end we’re going to win most of our games.’’

Some thoughts on Shelden Williams and Southeast Division Previews after the jump

Finally Shelden Williams is making use of those minutes Big Baby is missing. With Shelden getting groomed with some good PT for a couple months here, it would be another weapon for Doc come playoff time, given he may have another player in Williams he is comfortable giving floor time. So far, so good.

Finally we have some more Southeast Division Previews, courtsey of our friends over at Celtics Blog. Be sure to check these out, especially Orlando and Miami since they looked very good in their openers last night.

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