Post-game Reactions

It has begun!!  New Celtic shoves newer (last year) Cavalier after the whistle!

What I saw:  Williams and Williams both half-heartedly went up for a meaningless rebound after the buzzer.  Shelden knocks Mo to the ground in a basketball related play- as in both players reach for the ball, one goes down. Mo gets up and shoves Shelden and Shelden two-arm shoves back.   Rabble-rousing ensues!

I don’t know who actually started it.  I’m going on what I saw the first time because I was so excited to post about it I missed the replay.

Rest assured it’ll get replayed and replayed and replayed and we can adequately assess what happened and perhaps I will have to turn my Homerism Filter on.

We shall see!  Damn I’m fired up!

UPDATE: I just saw the replay and Mo Williams, come on man!  Shelden is going hard!  If you want to get in the trenches with a banger than that’s what happens.  I seriously don’t care what anyone says, there was definitely contact, but Mo needs to ease up and get over it.  He didn’t intentionally throw him to the ground.

Oh I can just hear Cavs fans now…

UPDATE #2: Here’s the video courtesy of Red’s Army.

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  • Ben Jones

    I dunno what Mo was thinkin but I would never shove a guy that looks like an Uraki from Lord of the Rings

  • Still enjoying #17

    Good. We need to put the league on notice that thats gonna happen when you play us….especially to Cavs.

  • Brendan Jackson

    I just love how the passion comes from a guy that will probably be in street clothes the entire season.

  • rondo-is-love

    You know what I truly thought was annoying?

    It's bad enough that every Cavs home game is impossible to watch without wanting to puke. That creepy voice that plays over the loudspeakers saying, "defense, defense" or the obnoxious cartoon laugh they play when someone from the opposing team makes a mistake… but the Cavs have to be the most immature team in the league!

    If you watch this replay, you can see how all the Cavs players are joining in on the fight, including LeCrabdribble himself. I understand that as a team, they may feel like family or brothers.. but I'm sure the Celtics feel that way about each other too, but you don't see them all trying to get into the fight. You see them trying to break it up, even if that means pulling away a guy from the other team.

    It makes me recall last season's game in Boston's home when Big Baby was called for that flagrant 2 on Varejao, how Big Z had him on a chokehold and LeBron was also trying to get into it. What made me mad was that the ref gave RAY ALLEN a technical even though all he was trying to do was break it up.

    Ugh. Today's game made me dislike the Cavs more than I do now. I'm sorry, but I think they're overrated.

  • Jason

    As a Celt fan, I have to say Sheldon was the instigator. He elbowed a smaller guy to the ground pretty blatantly. Nothing violent, but I definitely see why Mo's ticked. Then Mo throws the elbow, which is dumb, but again you can see why. The ref immediately blows the whistle and T'd up Mo. This is where Sheldon's bigger mistake came in.

    First, you got Mo for a T, you've won. Second, why are you threatened by a point guard when you are a power forward? Just give him an "Are you kidding me runt?" laugh and walk away. What does Sheldon do instead? He's a tough guy going toe-to-toe with little Mo Williams. He shoves him. Real hard core man. Then backs away which is pretty cowardly for the mismatch advantage he has. Gets a T, too, for his troubles. Both stupid and cowardly IMO.

  • Tom

    Personally, I still think Shelden Williams is useless. The guy doesn't play much defense, he isn't big and he has no post moves. Why did we even sign him? Honestly, we can do better with Candace.

    People made a big fuzz about Anthony Parker, all the guy does is force himself into difficult position and shoot these fadeaways or fallaways. I am glad we didn't sign him, he is like Ben Gordon except not as good. If the prayers don't go in, he is doomed!