Post-game Reactions

I’m watching the C’s pregame on CSN and I see Greg Dickerson report that Michael Sweetney is exhibiting flu-like symptoms (also reported here).   This, of course, sucks.  Anyone whose read me on here before knows that I like huge, athletic tweeners (Glen Davis, DeJuan Blair, Craig Smith, etc.) but I also like good stories.

Michael Sweetney could be a great story for the NBA this year, just like Shaun Livingston is turning out to be a great story.  Unfortunately, Sweetney could also go the way of Darius Miles and this flu news is one step closer.  The other day the Clippers waived Anthony Roberson and Jerel McNeal and as the start of the season approaches more and more players will find themselves on the wrong side of 15.

Hey Mike.

If you’re out there reading this, nobody wants you on this team more than I do.  Get well man, and just tell me where to send the Campbells and Ludens.

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