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Not to belittle Ian Thomsen’s always-great work at SI, but I’m not sure how much value I can place on a poll of  a “half-dozen advance and personnel scouts” in predicting the upcoming season. It’s a testament to Thomsen’s reporting that he can get six scouts to offer up predictions, but six is a small number and I have no way of knowing how representative their views are. Still, though, I read those little anonymous scout blurbs in every issue of SI during the season. I’m a sucker for insider talk.

In any case, people like predictions, and they like scouts, and so here we are. Thomsen’s scouting buddies like the C’s and the Cavs in the East, with not one picking the Magic to go to the Finals. Hooray, more gist for Stan Van Gundy’s bogus “nobody respects ups” schtick. Awesome.

In any case, three of the six scouts have the C’s advancing to the Finals, and one has them winning the title over LA. (The other two have the C’s losing to LA and the Spurs, respectively).

So, yeah. Again, the most significant thing I can say about this poll is that I really hope Stan Van Gundy doesn’t see it.

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