Post-game Reactions

This game was sloppy, but fun- playing a D’Antoni coached team can do that to you.

The first half was a dog fight for who could miss the most shots, but there were some positives to take away.

Lots of people were being aggressive.  I swear it was one of those things where you kept saying, “oh if that had gone in, that would’ve been sweet!”

  • Ray proved his, “I’m in the best shape of my career” claim by actually taking a ball hard to the hole and going up for a thunderous dunk- which he missed.  Not to worry though, he was fouled.
  • Rondo came out firing- and missed a lot,  But I gotta tell ya, I like the look of his shot, at least for the preseason It’s definitely something to watch.
  • Rasheed makes a long pass to Pierce who goes in for a reverse jam.  Afterward Piece gave a faux- incredulous look, but honestly, it might have well been real because when was the last time we saw that explosiveness from Pierce?  I feel like Pierce tried to get crafty too early in his career instead of relying on his athleticism.  You’re not that old, man- yet.
  • Rondo playing passing lanes, who knows if his steals were related to sloppy-preseason-play or having better anticipation.
  • Sheed and Scal threes!
  • Glen Davis hook shots really got Tommy hot and heavy (2 shots, 1-1).

Quotes from the couch:
“Ohh he looks skinny.”  Referring to Perk, to which I replied, “yes, yes he does.”

“Is Mikki Moore still on the team?” No.  That’s Marquis Daniels.  “Oh ok.  Yeah, he’s not as awkwardly tall.”

“He is a BIG man.”  In regards to one Michael Sweetney.

My girlfriend is adorable.
Maybe this team, and the fun they seemed to be having together will get everyone back to where they once were.  Tonight we saw both Ray and Paul get up big.  Honestly, if they can do that all season, I can’t wait.

Oh and Tommy thinks Sweetney’s making the team and I agree- and I’ll tell you why next week.

That’s it for now, it’s Friday, time to go out!

Box Score:

Picture 3

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  • Jason

    I like the look of the team so far…would still like a back up point, but not sweatin’ it.

    I kept hearing Michael Sweetney’s name during for like the last month or so, didn’t think he let him self go that much. I remember him as being a bigger guy and all earlier in his career. Seeing him that first preseason game against houston…I could help but wonder if that was Oliver Miller or Stanley Roberts making a comeback.

    I’m pretty psyched for the end of the month. Should be a good season.

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