Post-game Reactions

…and not the Earl Monroe kind.

Brian should have a fullish recap up tonight or tomorrow but here are just a few bullet points from tonight’s game to satiate you until then.

  • Everyone played extremely hard.  Players were flying around as if no one had a guaranteed contract and  like that.  Do we have good players, good coaches, or is everyone just excited as we are about the first game our the C’s season?  Multiple answers will be accepted.
  • It seemed like many of the Celtics are in the wrong sport.  I think an NFL team needing some pass rushers could use a guy like Big Baby or Williams.  A wide reciever/ D Back?  Hudson and Rondo.  Offensive tackle?  Sweetney.  Something for him to consider considering the NFL’s a sport that would actually want Sweetney to be over 300 lbs.
  • The free throw shooting was atrocious but it’s only the first preseason game so it’s okay.
  • Davis looked fast and fit, although it seemed like he was trying to do too much as soon as Carl Landry got in the game.  In the spirit of over-analyzing the first preseason game I’ll say that Davis’ inspired play could be a result of feeling like he needs to live up the Carl Landrys, David Lees, and Paul Milsaps of the world.  And by that I mean under-rated-over-producing big men that should be paid well but might not really be paid what they’re worth except for maybe Milsap because Utah matched Portland’s offer this offseason see where I’m going with this?
  • Davis and Daniels could make a killing this season making turn-around fade-aways in the lane.
  • Shelden Williams played like a lottery pick, just in his rookie season and committed some phantom fouls.
  • The only player in double figures?  Michael Sweetney!  Sign ’em up Danny!
  • The mics in Hidalgo were so good you heard Sheed’s indignation loud and clear on his block/ foul of Ariza.  Ariza missed the first free throw proving once again that, “BALL DON’T LIE!”  (Except in this case because that was definitely a foul, sorry Sheed).  Oh and he also got his first T of the season- these don’t count toward suspension right??

If you know Brian like I do, you know you’re in for a healthy dose of analysis on Scal’s hook shot.  I haven’t talked to Brian, but other highlights could include Shelden Williams’ put-back dunk and perhaps something on Garnett…perhaps.

And here’s the box score:

Courtesy of NBA.com, and StrIps

Courtesy of NBA.com, and StrIps

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  • str|ps

    uh…i think that’s not the right box score…
    the guys looked great, but something’s not quite right…

    anyway for those who want to see the box scores, you can just look here:


  • Brendan Jackson

    You're absolutely right. I'll fix that right now. That's what happens when you do things half asleep…gosh I'm old.

  • Brendan Jackson

    Oh and I don't if the "something's not quite right…" was about the players or a dig at the wrong box score but if it's about the players, the best I can say is that it's the first preseason game and people are still trying to figure each other out. I know everyone would expect this Celtics team to dominate a Rockets team without Ming, Artest, and McGrady. But the truth is- it's preseason. They'll figure it out.

  • T

    yeah, of course something didn't look quite right. Lester Hudson played more minutes than all of the starters! Of the 240 player minutes in the game (48 minutes per player, 5 players), the starters played 78, less than 1/3 of the game.

    But thats a good thing, lets give the second units all the playing time we can in the pre season to get them meshing so we can count on them throughout the season.

  • Since all I could get from the game I couldn't see was commentary and stats I don't have much to go on. I'm glad to see the second unit and guys trying to earn minutes getting a bulk of the minutes. The starters will get more minutes as the regular season creeps closer. I've been following the blogs and news reguarding the NBA and more importantly the celtics all off season and my enthusiam has begun to boil over. The regular season can't get hear soon enough. I have only 3 concerns for the up comming season. Health! Rest for the starters! And production from either walker, giddens, scal, Williams or Hudson.

    Scal is what he is. Williams will just fill a whole all be it a small whole as a rebounding defensive thug. Walker if healthy will play well. Giddens is wasted potential. And Hudson is trying to do too much. We shall see what those guys give us. No matter what they are all better than TA.

  • strIps

    @Brendan Jackson:

    sorry man, i was talking about the team/players…


    it's nice to see hudson get some minutes, after all he has a lot to prove right?


    my thoughts exactly (especially about TA)…still can't wait for the regular season