Post-game Reactions

The pre-season is upon us! Tonight, the C’s open their eight-game pre-season schedule at Houston. (Actually, the game is at something called Dodge Arena in a place called Hidalgo, Texas). 

To mark the occasion, I thought I would list what I personally want to see from the Celtics in pre-season:

1) Stay Healthy 

That is all.

If you forced me—against my will—to offer up things I really wanted to see, I guess I’d list the following:

1) Has Shelden Williams learned a jump shot? 

2) How does Marquis Daniels look at the point?

3) What will J.R. Giddens show us? With Bill Walker hurt and Tony Allen almost always hurt or on the verge of being hurt, the C’s are only one or two injuries away from placing Giddens (or Lester Hudson) on the active 12-man roster.

4) Unleash Lester Hudson. Let’s see if his ball-handling is good enough to handle NBA pressure. Let’s see the scoring ability and the NBA three-point range. Let’s see the relentless defense Hudson and others have talked about. He’s probably not going to get any meaningful playing time this season, but you never know. But this may be the only chance we get to see him with the big club all year. Make the most of it, rook.

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