Post-game Reactions

I stopped at this tidbit from a Boston Herald story today about Bill Walker and the good conditioning Perk and Big Baby are showing so far in camp:

As for Davis, the coach said, “I notice that his feet are moving better. It’s clear Baby’s weight’s down. He can stay in front of people. It will allow us to do more switching than we could do last year, so it’s a good sign for all of us.”

Over-switching on defense can create all sorts of problems—Derrick Rose killed Boston early in the Bulls series because the C’s were switching on more pick-and-rolls than usual, and the bigs just couldn’t stay in front of Rose at all. But you might remember a fairly decent big man defender was missing from that series. Throw in KG’s presence with an apparently quicker Baby and Perk, and the possibility of more switches is definitely there. 

It will be interesting to see how the Celtics handle the newfound versatility. Switching can work well, but the timing and match-ups have to be right. Teams that over-switch—like Atlanta and Denver, for instance—often find more problems than benefits. 

Something to monitor, in any case.

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  • You have to be impressed with some of our younger Vets ( perkins , davis , rondo ) at there professionalism. These guys are character guys.

    Hats off to those three!

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