Post-game Reactions

Let’s see. James Harden got poked in the eye in Oklahoma City. Nick Collison missed the first day of camp with an injury.  Tony Parker’s going to sit out all or most of camp to rest up. Tyreke Evans isn’t practicing for some reason. Aaron Gray–a.k.a. The White Flag–broke his leg and will miss two months. Nobody can even find Delonte West.

But at least the Celtics, other than Tony Allen, are getting healt….oh, wait:

Bill Walker already hurt his knee and needs an MRI, according to the Globe. He’s had surgery on both knees already, so we’ve got to cross our fingers and hope this is minor.

And here’s the latest on KG via the C’s official Twitter:

celtics Today Garnett says he can’t really reach a full sprint yet but that he’s getting better every day. He ranked himself at about “85-90%”…

So this good? Bad? Neither?

Well, this is good—from a few minutes later:

celtics KG: “I’m most excited [about] defense. I’m able to move laterally; recover when a guy makes a strong move. I can respond and react to that.”

More as it comes in.

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