Post-game Reactions

And as Jeff Clark at CB notes, there is no mention any stapling procedure. However, there is a mention of the unexpected severity of the injury:

“No surprises other than the severeness of it — I didn’t know it was that bad,” Garnett said. “They evaluate you from A to Z, but until they actually get in there and see what the problem really is, then you know a 1-to-10 on how severe it was. It was pretty severe, but the best thing about is that I got it out of the way, and my leg is almost 100 percent going forward. Better than anything I’m playing without any pain, which is something I really haven’t had for some time now.”

Meanwhile, the New York Times (!) offers this tidbit about KG’s operation:

His operation was complicated because there was concern that the removal of the spurs could damage nearby tissue.

Brian will have more on media day tomorrow, and I’ll have my final (I think, I hope, I pray) take on KG’s injury.

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